5 Indoor plants that purifies air

5 Indoor Plants That Purifies Air

Mornings are time, you breathe the freshest of air, which calms your senses and keeps you rejuvenated throughout the day.

But what if, you wake up to an absolute dusty and polluted air, engulfing the surrounding environment.

My enthusiasm level drops when I look around my surrounding which is bad to the extent of living a life around risking your health, even as you step out.

What kind of present and future we are offering to our children. My heart sinks, when I see children, wearing masks on their beautiful and innocent faces. Why are they made to suffer and inhale such toxic air which is going to be stored as a bomb for the future generation.

Delhi and the NCR Region are on high alert these days. The pollution level has crossed its all-time high. Even before the festivities have begun, the environment has turned deadly to survive. There is smog all around, engulfing, killing us enough already.

Children’s park, Play area have all become almost vacant. Kids are forced to stay indoors. But for how long we can continue with this. It is for the government to take necessary steps immediately to control the situation.

As it is impossible for us to control the outside environment, we can definitely do this at-least for our homes by getting air purifier plants for our homes. Plants are a good supply of oxygen and create a healthy surrounding for us. They are also an immediate supply of adding glam quotient for our home interiors.

I am sharing below a few plants which are great indoor pollution absorbents, which are cost-effective and require minimum maintenance.

Money Plant

It is considered to be an ideal bedroom plant and is a powerful air cleaner. Due to its particular affinity for volatile organic compounds, it is known for its off-gassing from synthetic paint or carpets.

Snake Plant

It needs to be watered occasionally and generally prefers dried conditions and once in while sunlight. It converts CO2 into oxygen at night. It is a cheap and very low maintenance plant which is beneficial to improve the air quality of your indoor.

Areca Palm

Areca palm has been ranked by NASA’s study as the top air purifier plant. During winter’s it can replace the use of electric humidifiers altogether. It keeps the air moist during dry times and removes chemical toxins from the air. It can survive only with water and needs minimal sunlight.

This plant is a boon for removing toxins from indoor air.

5 Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants

Boston Fern

This is best displayed as a hanging plant. It grows to four feet in height with a spread of up to five feet. It also has the same effect, of bringing down levels of formaldehyde as well as xylene. Formaldehyde appears in everything from plastic, garbage bags to paper towels, facial tissues, floor covering and adhesive. This plant prefers a cool environment, bright but indirect sunlight and regular attention.

Indoor plants

Peace Lily

As beautiful as it is, it has been endowed with the powers of removing alcohols, benzene, and formaldehyde, acetone, and trichloroethylene. It has a high transpiration rate to both humidify and purify the air. It is one of the few tropical plants that blooms indoors producing ‘white flower’.This plant is toxic to humans and pets and should be kept away from children. The plant’s leaves contain calcium oxalate which is toxic.

It is extremely crucial to keep clear air in your house to ensure better health of the inhabitants. These plants serve as natural AC’s. Spending your time with nature also helps in reducing stress and tension. Additionally, we tend to get more productive and creative with plants around us.




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