Go Cycling


Go Cycling

During my pregnancy, I had gained a considerable amount of weight.

And to lose that weight, I had tried several options.

But all of them didn’t last beyond a few weeks to a few months.

Very soon I realized, intense workouts and dieting are not my cup of tea.

That’s when I switched to cycling to incorporate the physical activity and to keep myself fit.

The riding cycle every day helps reduce weight as the muscles get a good amount of exercise. So one who is trying to shed those extra pounds can consider cycling as an option(a really good one).

I consider the best way to boost my body’s stamina, muscle strength, and overall physical endurance.

It is cheaper than gym memberships and an eco-friendly way to enhancing your quality of life and a sense of well being.

It also acts as a fun way to spend your free time and a great bonding experience.

It is easy to fit into your daily routine. You can ride it to Shops, Club House, Swimming pool, Play Area and even within the Society Premises.

Cycling even helps to combat several diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Mental Illness, Arthritis, Heart Attack, and even Depression.

So anyone willing to spend some stress-free, enjoyable workout can decide on Cycling.


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