Mother’s Love -no limits- #No Conditions Apply

#No Conditions Apply

It is verily said that “God could not be everywhere so he created Mother’s”. For every child his mother means the world to him. Mother is one such person in our life, whom we can count on, for all our countless needs and demands. She is the one, who is endowed with the precious gift of bringing a new life into this world, bearing all the pains and sufferings she has to undergo in delivering a child. And the affair does not stop here. The hardship every mother is confronted with in rearing a child certainly needs no mention.

Mother's Love

Mother’s are one of a kind. They are bestowed with super powers of multi tasking. She is on her toes 24*7 to attend every call of her child, never on the complaining side about the problems she encounters. They are armed with ears to listen non-judgmentally and mouth to always speak the right thing. They have arms to cuddle and for hugs. Their hands are raised to give blessings to her child. They are  always there with us during our thick and thin, holding our hands guiding us to the right path.And affection fanatics that they are, leaves no stone unturned in living up to every expectation of her children. With such varied elements and roles at her disposal she definitely needs a bow down and salute from everyone. As they say “Maa ke kadmon tale jannat hai”.

Mother's Love

While it is every mother’s aspiration to be blessed with a normal and healthy child, prayers of few mother’s remains unanswered. There are a portion of mother’s who are endowed with immense stoicism to raise an offspring with special needs, to nurture a descendant who is differently abled, so that he gets along on equal terms(to some extent) with this fast paced world. The long haul and battle, a mother with a less fortunate child confronts every single day can’t be construed.”Life is a challenge, you should put up your best performance to survive”-it’s the life of a mother of differently abled child summed up in a nutshell.

Mother's Love

It is not an experience anyone would expect to have. It is rather like an unplanned journey. Many a times, a mother struggles for acceptance-a quintessential factor which makes or breaks their psychological make-up. Needless to say that advising one to accept the challenge as life brings along, is easier said than done. However as a parent, she accepts this by finding strength and support system to adapt and handle the stresses and challenges that accompany her child’s illness or disability, maintaining the facade  of celebrating differences. That’s how a mother is-devoted, sympathetic, supportive and the list goes on. A mother can’t help but love their children, not because of a forced consciousness to love them intentionally but because of the lineal force of life connecting them. In loving their children a mother is second to none.

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