Setting Boundaries for Children’s Relationship to Opposite Sex

Setting Boundaries for Children’s Relationship to Opposite Sex

We have turned parents now but most of us still remember our first crush. Those days of infatuation gets imprinted on mind forever. This tender age needs your sincere guidance and supervision, in the absence of which can lead to a lifetime of consequences for the children. So below are few points to navigate our not so childlike yet not so grown-up children into the world of opposite sex.

Debriefing Sets the Tone

The boundaries begin with you, your choices, your limits, your rules. Remind yourself, you are a parent and your child don’t need to one of their buddies. They need parents who love them enough to occasionally cramp their style. It takes courage you certainly won’t win any popularity contests with your children. And very importantly you need to set standards for your kids that you will keep yourself. Otherwise your children will ask “why should I live by the standard that you yourself don’t follow”. The motive is to keep them safe while helping them learn the proper way to honor and respect the opposite sex.

Help the child understand they are at the age of puberty where the rush of adrenaline and on the power of  hormones together becomes the recipe for disaster, the repercussions of which will be for lifetime. You need to define parameters  for them that reflects holiness and purity. You have the power to influence the most important group. And you start by determining what you believe and what standards you want to establish for your everyday lives.

Supervise Social Media Interaction

Parents should supervise regularly and check social media account. You should not allow them access any social media without your knowledge. Either or both the parent should have the access to their laptops, mobiles any tech gadgets. And if you suspect that your young teen is linked to someone who has blocked you from having a look at their walls, then take a call and immediately end such relationship with your child.

Access over the Browser History

Well this is the first thing mischievous tot learns to do on the computer. You need to know where your child is doing his or her surfing on the Internet. Make sure she\he browses the net when either of the parent are around. The web is a vast playground of debauchery and horrors and it’s teenagers prerogative to peep into the vast cornucopia of potentially hazardous material. It becomes  viable to install net nannying tools to shelter our child, which is readily available.

Supervised Group Gatherings

It is crucial to play a role determining whom your kids spend time with. If you don’t, then don’t expect to have a say in the friends they choose as teenagers. Encourage them to know their counterparts, so that they can fathom their values, beliefs, morals, passions which will assist them to stick to like minded fellows. They can have good fun with their opposite sex at the time of social interaction where your son can learn the importance of opening doors, pulling out chairs and your girl can learn how she is supposed to be treated and respected by a  young men.

It is important for both the parents to be on the same page to steer the wheels of your teens to the safe path.

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