Why Is Safety of Women On and Off The Roads,Tuned??

Why Is Safety of Women On and Off The Roads,Tuned??

The moment one talks about women safety, all the question gets redirected to Government and their inefficient and fruitless steps taken on that front.

Very often I find folks, coupling misdeeds against women mostly with the night movements, considering it as the prime time for all torts. Well…I thoroughly defy the thought process for there have been many instances where the crime took place in the broad daylight.

It would be a rash statement to cite, referring to the failure on the part of Government and State Bodies to control the increasing number of offences every single day. Residing in a country with a population of 1.37 billion and expecting Government to be Policing every single individual is simply blather.

How can we dismiss the rotten mindset of people whose whole and sole purpose on this planet is to glorify themselves at the cost of anything. These kind of people feel they have all the rights and liberties to act on their own will. And if their goals and desires are not met their ego gets blotted. In the process of feeding their egos they perform all the heinous offences and more worrisome is the fact that they get into the OK zone.It’s the Ideology,they have grown up with.

Look, you are a Man, and Men don’t express their emotions Publicly!!!!

You don’t have to prove anything to the world because you are born perfect.You are Complete by All Means and Your Manliness Cannot Be Questioned.

You are born to be committed only for yourself….thus being less sensitive to the needs and sufferings of others.

These are Men who find a sense of pride in demeaning women. It’s a sort of celebration for them which begins and ends with stooping low to cast slurs on them. These are men duly respected for their roles in work lives or even without that,who boast highly  of themselves publicly but when it comes to basic etiquette and respect towards women, they are a disaster. In this league of normalising “Sexism”,women too are not lacking behind and I am personally aware of many of them. There are women too, more prominently who along with Men have made the lives of other woman nothing less sort of terrible.


Scores of women xxperience Staunch Chauvinism not only at work places, even so at homes too. And we learn to let go of it in the effort to avoid further debates and complexities. But the moment this entrenched machismo is questioned, opposed and challenged, their masculine pride is seriously injured. All this resulting into episodes of gruesome acts. Such moves stems prominently from their own insecurities which cannot be surfaced otherwise.

The concept of associating feminism with females is obsolete. A Feminist is anyone who recognises the Equality and Full Humanity of both men and women. It is important to cultivate gender equality at homes, Parents leading them with examples. Men needs to learn to deal with their insecurities early in their lives, making ways for women to breathe and be unapologetically themselves.

It is every human’s right to be safe and sound and live a life with their head held high. On every phase of their lives, Women need not be forced to succumb to norms mostly meant to keep a tab on them. A Women’s every move need not be conditioned akin to robot.

We demand equal respect,rights,and freedom to be the best version of ourselves. And we are not going to settle for anything less of which we are worthy.

Dear men,play a fair game and prove us your masculinity.

Your sexist jibes,stooping down low to cast slur on us,your barbaric attempts to stop us marching ahead,taking head on in life, is a downright cowardly act.

Show us you are  men of valour and earn respect for yourself. A woman should feel secure with you by her side. Her safety is your responsibility.Take pride in protecting Her…. make it happen without “Terms and Conditions” laid down for her.


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