पहले आप पहले आप – It’s Lucknow

It’s Lucknow, the city which is the epitome of “तहज़ीब”.

Though my grandparents were native of Uttar Pradesh, I personally never had a chance of visiting the city, since my parents relocated to East in search of employment and settled there. And unfortunately, our ancestral home back in UP was demolished during the 1964 riots.

When we shifted to Noida from Pune last year, the first place I wanted to explore was Lucknow.

Lucknow, the name itself gives me a feeling of royalty.

The city renowned for its Nawab and Kebab connection oozes of “तहज़ीब” and “तमीज़” culture. Famous for its highly rich literature, fine cuisine, architecture, and the world famous chickan embroidery and zardozi, Lucknow is a delicious mix of the ancient and the modern.

It is a historic city, which has still kept it’s good old charm absolutely intact. Apart from gaining the title as Paradise of Food Lovers, Lucknow has been given other names too, such as “The Golden City of the East”, “The Constantinople of India” and “Shiraz-E-Hind”.

How to Reach There

Lucknow is well connected through all three modes of transport.

By Rail-Lucknow has 2 main railway junctions-City Centre and Charbagh. Trains from most cities halt at these stations.

By Air-Flights operate from various important cities to Lucknow.

By Road-Roads also connect Lucknow to various cities. The major highway that passes through Lucknow is NH-56, NH-28, NH-25.

I was completely in awe of the royal hues, polite mannerisms, shero-Shayari for which the Nawabs of Awadh should be given credit for. The combination of its rich tradition and modern growth in various sectors like retailing, manufacturing and commercial is the USP of Lucknow, the second largest city of Uttar Pradesh after Kanpur.


Lucknow’s cuisine is also known as Awadhi Cuisine which has a unique Nawabi style. Biryani, Nihari-Kulcha, Roomali Roti, Warqi Parathas and many such delicacies exude the richness of the Nawabi culture. Being a die-hard foodie myself, I could not resist for long, the melting in the mouth, the succulent and tender Tundey kebabs. One has to try it themselves, to get the feel of those delicious kebabs. Several branches have been opened in the city, of Tundey kebabs, but I liked the ones in Aminabad Chowk.

The other variety of kebabs famous in Lucknow are- Kakori Kebabs, Boti Kebab, Galawati kebabs, Shami kebabs, Seekh Kebab, Patli-ke Kebabs, and Ghutwa Kebabs.Pheww…(I think I will  have to write a separate post dedicated to the variety of kebabs available in lucknow).

Chickan Embroidery
Zardozi Embroidery


Lucknow, also widely known for its authentic chickan and lucknawi zardozi. Both of these are stylish and delicate Indian embroidery. There is a huge demand for both these handcrafted embroideries in both India and abroad, which also accounts for a major part of the revenue of the state.


Along with these, other small scale industries also find it’s placed in the town. Kite-making, Ittars(perfumes), Silver and gold foil work. Bone Carving products are also to look out for. You can carry them as souvenirs for your near and dear ones.

Clock Tower Husainabad
Clock Tower Husainabad


Roomi Darwaza




Bada Imambara


Marvelous Architecture built during the Mughal Era stands proud and tall welcoming tourists all across the world. Roomi Darwaza, Bada Imambara, Sikandar Bagh, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Residency Park, Clock Tower, Chattar Manzil(Umbrella Palace) are few places we visited. There are many more than the list mentioned.

Do Visit the city, to discover it’s rich heritage and the royal legacy which has been preserved with all the love and warmth by the people here.




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