A Day In The UAE Capital-Abu Dhabi

My experiences with travelling before and after my daughter and also before and after getting married have not changed much. All sorts of planning beforehand seem to take a back seat and impromptu decisions have worked best in rendering an excitement filled journey.

We could only spend a day, albeit the Capital City Of UAE, Abu Dhabi has tons of options to keep its visitors entertained and amused. The day started off sipping a cup of warm lemon tea, followed by heavy breakfast(as we had to leave for Abu Dhabi from Dubai, we kept ourselves full to avoid getting down every now and then, during the long and electrifying 90min drive).In a flash of time, we were ready to leave for Abu Dhabi.

Since it was a weekend, traffic tussles were waived off. Our entertainment partner during the blissful drive, was none other than world famous Bollywood music. There is nothing that can beat that. The tranquillity in the atmosphere made it even more enjoyable.

Our first destination for the day was Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. A Glistening Architectural Marvel and the only one that captures unique interactions between Islam and World Cultures. Named after the founder and President of UAE, late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, it is the largest mosque in the country.

The pious and holy place attracts tourists from across the globe. Keeping the sanctity of the religious place intact, the appropriate dress code has been decided upon to be followed before entering. Full-length dress covering hands too, with a scarf overhead. I absolutely admired it. My eyes were in absolute awe of the magnificent monument that it was. The tall minarets, the onion-shaped domes built in white marble added to the pristine beauty of the place. The place has enticed me to an extent that one visit lasting only for an hour and a half was not enough for me to get soaked in the calmness and the serenity of the place. Saturday being a weekend, witnessed a sea of tourists, who too were found glorifying the richness of the holy mosque.

As I have to cover other places of the visit too, I will dedicate a separate post to this Elegantly designed Mosque.

Our feet by then had travelled for long since the area of The Grand Mosque is huge and body in need of refuelling to get charged to explore the next spot. So the obvious thing to do at that moment for us was to look out for a congenial place to rest for a while, adjacently smack our lip’s over the local Arabian Delicacies. After a bit of research on that, we found ourselves one. The best way to understand the culture of the place is through its food. Mildly flavoured, yet substantially pleasing to the taste buds, cooked to perfection Mutton Madhabi was our chosen dish for the day, accompanied by flavourful dessert, Cream filled Kunafeh. Prior to it were served intricately prepared soups along with salads.

Loosening ourselves for a while, post lunch we headed to our next spot, The Ferrari World.

En-route to Ferrari World, we were being faced with this eye-catching artistically designed Aldar Headquarters building. A distinctive and innovative design comprising circular convex shaped facades.


Housing a galore of winning a mix of roller-coaster rides and adventures for visitors of all ages, the mammoth Ferrari World amusement theme park is one of a kind located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. No wonder it holds the record for the largest space frame structure ever built.

I had to give a miss and opt out of the heart racing, high adrenaline thrilling rides and adventures this visit, for which the theme park is famous for, as Soha was in no mood to leave me alone. Hopefully, I get lucky next time.

Post exploring the top leisure and entertainment destination minus the thrill and adventure in the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, we headed to the Yas Marina Circuit which is connected to Yas Hotel. One of the striking architecture, embodying various key influences. Yas Marina circuit is the home to the annual FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PIX and much more.

Watching the formula cars racing, was our top most enjoyable experiences so far of our trip.

And the day ended on an impressive note. On our way back home, the stellar night was our host on that magical drive. Could you ask for more!!!!!














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