A Women’s Take On Leading The Nation

When the world is dealing with barbarism, outrage, and inhumanity all around, Kiwi’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s powerful response to the violence in her constitutional area is viewed as a refreshed route which has won her millions of heart Across The Globe. In the context of the recent Christchurch attack in a New Zealand Mosque on Friday afternoon which left 50 dead and 40 Injured, New Zealand Prime Minister’s compassionate gesture towards the victims and the whole community has been significantly praiseworthy and unparallel in the country’s history.

Jacinda Ardern’s lenient approach towards the horror attack and the humanely modus operandi to deal during the time of crisis has earned her the Term “Jacinda Mania” coined specifically to describe the phenomenon. Unlikely considering the situation to be an opportunity for milking the political cow, she was swift in labeling the attack as “Terrorism” and blatantly rebuffed an Australian Lawmaker’s suggestion of a link between Muslim Immigration and Violence a “Total Disgrace”.

Ardern’s swift actions on Gun Control and praiseworthy gestures at the phase of quandary has proved to the world and given a reason to everyone to mull over and evaluate Why A Women Should be Chosen As The Leader of the Nation, Who Will have all dents fixed and still bind everyone in Peace and Harmony.

In an exclusive interview post the attack, with Waleed Aly, Co-Host of Network Ten’s News and Current Affairs Television Program The Project, she was very emotional and mournful. She candidly stated that as a leader she feels such a draw to be focused on doing with what’s needed for those who have lost their loved ones. She was unreserved in declaring that “she should be the last one anyone should be worried about”.

I am in absolute awe of the lady leader figure who has proven to the world that women can have it all and be a substantial chief, steering the wheels of her nation towards a peaceful zone for all inhabitants. Her undying and fair-minded devotion towards serving the citizens of the country not just for the sake of obligation and be together to oppose the hate and violence has made an exceptional mark. Her genuine desire to be with the citizens in person and lend a shoulder to cry upon, taking care of the financial costs  for the funerals along with other necessities of the impacted families is “exemplary”.

Noted to always talk about “the importance of inclusivity and equality in society” Ardern has been described by Sheryl Sandberg as a “Political Prodigy”. Videos and pictures on various platforms circulated have termed her as “The Portrait of a Compassionate Leader”. People have resonated with all her amazing human traits and empathy she is seen with.

Ardern has taken on a new and totally different dimension, amidst the political trials and tribulations, criticisms, plaguing’s, detraction’s, and all the domestic problems which have failed to dent her perception of being an inspirational leader for the modern age.

The Country PM’s real ache for the citizen’s suffering and her response to the act has shown the world “Who They Are”. The level of hate being spread is so counter to the people of New Zealand who see themselves as peaceful and inclusive. The flood of flowers outside mosques, songs been sung in harmony where people have gathered, The desire to give a sense of safety and security for people to return to worship has been incredibly laudable. She has left a huge footprint to be remembered for ages.

The Chief’s performance has been noteworthy, where she visited refugees and Muslim community dressed in Black and In Hijab covering her head as Mark Of Respect. Without giving a bit of attention to the naysayers she continued to be stoic and firm in her actions and reactions to the attack. It is impossible to imagine having a leader of the country showing this kind of empathy. She has reminded the world  “What A Leader Is and Could Be”.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in her bold approach to leading the nation, with inclusivity of 200 Ethnicities and over 60 languages giving equal space to each one to thrive and prosper, has gracefully aced the powerful position that she is holding. My bows in absolute respect for being the undeterred leader and a woman of Dignity, Grace, and Courage.





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