How to Choose the Right Products for Your Baby’s Skin?

Motherhood isn’t EASY. I was told this umpteen time before I myself became a parent.

Post which I actually understood, what it meant in its true sense. From the time you first hold your precious little baby in your arms, your journey as a mother begins which falters and alters according to the needs and demands of the situation. There is no right or wrong way to be a mom in this special and beautiful journey called Motherhood. The feelings and emotions which a mother shares with her baby are beyond comprehension and a mother knows what is best for her baby.

Usually, as people say, after having a baby the centre point of focus for a mother is her child. From choosing to breastfeed or formula feed, diapers or cloth nappies, to choosing the best baby care products to be used on my baby’s mild and sensitive skin, each and every decision for my baby had to be much thought after. Suggestions and Pieces of Advice kept pouring in from family, friends, relatives, neighbours, well-wishers on each and every aspect of how the handling and upbringing of my baby should be. I am truly thankful to everyone for the concern they have for me and my baby.

But I as a mother knew from the very beginning, I’m going to pick products which I believe is gentle for my baby. In this journey of motherhood, in which I knew I’m not perfect, I needed a companion to be by my side and aid me in passing the love and warmth to my little one. Baby Dove’s range of products is a complete package in itself consisting of Soaps, Body-washes, Shampoo, Wipes, Oils, Lotions. The brand has solutions to all my quests. If you are a super worried first-time mom like me, you will get the hang of what I mean.

Baby Dove’s rich moisture range of baby products takes care of your baby from tip to toe. My grandmother always recommended using curd and turmeric mixture to bath the little one which helps retain the moisture in the baby’s body and keep it soft and supple. Since it was not possible every time, Baby Dove bathing soap for babies was equally caring and which took care of minimising skin allergies. With mild caring formulas, Baby Dove bathing bar is enriched with their unique 1/4th moisturising cream which is hypoallergenic and helps to minimise the risk of skin allergies. I was happy to find a good solution for my baby.

baby product
Dove baby product

The next thing after bathing your baby comes the use of Baby Lotion. Baby Dove Baby Lotion has been dermatologically and pediatrically tested and is absolutely safe too. Baby’s skin can lose essential nutrients and moisture while bathing. Baby Dove helped me keep my baby’s skin moisturized for 24hrs keeping it soft and supple. Being Hypoallergic and pH neutral with a fragrance developed for baby’s skin was something I absolutely loved about it.

Baby product

Along with Other essentials to be carried while travelling with my baby, Baby dove wet wipes were and it still is not to forget an item of the list. Formulated to cleanse and protect, as gentle as water and non-irritating Baby Dove wipes are suitable for all overuse. Alongside keeping my daughter’s skin comfortably clean, it gently removes impurities while instantly moisturizing.

Baby Dove is pediatrically, ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested, free from any nasties like parabens, dyes, sulphates or phthalates, is absolutely safe and tear-free. Baby Dove is different from other baby brands as it is the only one which goes beyond mildness to provide moisture to the baby’s skin but also replenishes it. The products are very much in line with babies and are suitable to be used on a newborn from day 1. Baby Dove’s range of baby products is the only one that replenishes essential moisture and nutrients in baby’s skin leaving it deeply moisturized and soft with every use. The products are made with 100% skin natural ingredients. Such premium quality baby products are reasonably priced and are worth purchasing it for the happiness and safety of your little ones.


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