Beauty Lies In The Spirit

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Few days back when the entire world was abuzz with talks of the celebration of International Women’s Day and all the hullaballoo about  Women Empowerment, Women’s Rights, passing of Women’s Bill in the Parliament and much more adding to the list, suddenly my attention was drawn towards a statement  given by Film Actress Kangana Ranaut that she wants to make a film on her sister Rangoli, who is an Acid Attack Survivor. According to Kangana her sister is the real Hero, who has fought the battle of life courageously.

The casualties of the Acid Attacks in India are majorly Women, which is a sad reality. We all ladies pamper ourselves to get that perfect look of the face or a fab body. Since our society places a high degree of importance on physical appearance, the quest for perfect has no end. And still, we crib, highlighting the negatives of life. But please spare a moment and try to imagine the plight of the Victims of Acid Attacks. What trauma they must have been through when faced with such a horrendous state. Can we still complain? I am pretty sure all of you now must be thanking the Almighty for showering countless blessings in our life.

Be it Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli or Laxmi Agarwal, Sonali Mukherjee or Rupa, Sonam or Chanchal, they all have been through hell like an ordeal. Misfortune has cast a shadow in their lives. The physical and mental trauma which the attack survivors have withstood was full of challenges. And also for the family, it must have been a testing time, draining them out emotionally and financially. Their lives are never going to be the same again. The Barbaric acts as these, only put Humanity to shame.

The massive transformation which their lives have undergone is far from normal. And in spite of all odds, they have emerged victorious, by believing in themselves and keeping their spirits sky high. Now a mother to her beautiful angel, Laxmi Agarwal is now an Advocate for tougher punishments for Acid Attacks in India. Laxmi has also been awarded “The International Women of Courage Award”, by US First Lady Michelle Obama. Furthermore, Laxmi has been named as the new face of Indian fashion brand VIVA N DIVA, to help change the definition of beauty.

Roopa is another girl who has displayed immense courage, who stood up for her identity and fought back with scars on her face. With her confidence staggering, she saw a new ray of hope, a Silver Lining behind the dark clouds for herself with “Stop Acid Attack Campaign”. Her desire to live life was rekindled as she discovered a Fashion Designer in herself. And soon it was for the whole world to see her designs. She now runs a boutique at Agra, under the label called Rupa Creations, which became an instant hit amongst people. Similar are the stories of the survivors of the Acid Attacks who have proved to the world, that they are Fighters, not Victims.

Beauty lies in the spirit

There is more to beauty than what meets the eye. Outer beauty as we are all aware is ephemeral. It is likely to fade with time. On the contrary, it is the beauty of Spirit that stays with us till the time we live. The beauty of Kindness and Empathy towards others.The beauty of giving with an unselfish motive. The beauty of living in the moment and thanking the Almighty, rather than cribbing and complaining of petty issues.

As Rhonda Byrne, in her award-winning book titled “The Magic” quotes “Whoever has Gratitude will be given more, and he or she will have in abundance”. It is this Gratitude and a Winning attitude that refuses to be a victim further, have helped them become Fighters defying all odds. A Big Salute to all these women who have proved to the world that nothing is going to demean their dignity and in turn their existence if you catapult yourself from all adversities. With utmost grace and a positive attitude towards life, facing the world with heads held high, regardless of the scars on their physique is what truly defines beauty.



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