Bottled water and the filtered water from the pipeline are two main sources to get drinking water. With so many impurities in ground level and many other factors resulting in added impurities, its evident to choose one. Everyone knows impure water can affect your immune system and apparently various health parameters. Water is a necessity, and a change in composition in terms of minerals or other chemicals sometimes might turn havoc, causing skin or health issues. There is no life without water, but water should be clean which can be used for drinking. Wherever you‘re, in the home or in the office we cannot compromise when it comes to clean drinking water. So, in order to keep our health intact and to avoid any emergency either the task we do is by comparing direct pipe and bottled water dispenser before we make a final decision!

There are various benefits when you fix a filter to a permanent pipeline.

First, it is cost-effective and you can use as much water without worrying about the cost per litre.

Raw water directly flows through the filtration process, eliminates bacteria and comes out as fresh as compared to bottled water.

Its hassle-free. Once you fix the filter, you can use it unlimited.

Have lesser carbon footprints in terms of storage.

More convenient for the user with limited maintenance.

And, cost-effective in the longer run.


While the Bottled water has its own Pros and cons:

Can be placed anywhere irrespective of a fixed pipeline.

Don’t need maintenance like a replacement of filters etc.

Though these are costlier for homes and office use mobility makes it more suitable. This is the reason why Office water dispensers are almost maintenance-free. Also, other than mobility and cost pipe water with a dispenser is always recommended over bottled water. Freshness, taste, and the authenticity that you drink as what you see make it more promising than anything else. But again, the choice is always on the user!


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