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Word Press Hosting Types You Need To Know About

Since it’s launch WordPress has become so popular, which offers endless utilities to the site owner.

To avail of all the utilities which WordPress has to offer, it needs to be integrated with an efficient hosting.

Below is the list of types of WordPress Hosting, you need to decide as per the size of the website before commencing.

Before opting for any specific type of Hosting, one generally looks for core concepts for balancing.

  • Price-It’s the first thing one decides on.
  • Ease of use-Both technically, and helpful WordPress features.
  • Performance-oriented in terms of page load time and the ability to handle the traffic.

So when we will run through the options below, you can see how these concepts are closely related.

Shared Hosting

This kind of hosting is also known as “Reasonable Kind of Hosting”. For beginners who do not want to spend fortune merely on hosting, Shared Hosting is the best option available to them.

Beginners who do not have much traffic initially can go for this type of hosting. But when it starts getting traffic, they will have to shift to an upgraded one. One should choose thoughtfully, although Shared Hosting is cheap, it can affect the performance of the site.

Managed Hosting

Users who wish to get features like automatic updates, security, backup, and expert WordPress support can go for Managed Hosting. This hosting covers all elements and aspects of different underlying technologies.

Managed WordPress Hosts uses :

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers

Managed Word Press Hosts takes care of

  • Updating WordPress Software
  • Everyday Site backup
  • Configuring Server-Side Catching and CDN’s
  • Securing your site with things like WordPress-specific firewalls and other security measures.


Virtual Private Server(VPS)

Also known by the abbreviation VPS, a Virtual Private Server lies somewhere between shared hosting and a dedicated server. Site owners looking for more powerful hosting than shared one alongside keeping things economical can opt for this.

Well, with Virtual Private Server, you are still sharing space with your fellow users, but here’s how it differs from Shared Hosting:

In this type of sharing you will not have to share resources{your site will have its own allotment of resources irrespective of what other’s are doing on your server} and will have more control over server {like configuration and allotment}.

Many hosting providers offer two types of virtual private servers.

  • Managed-This simplifies your job to a great extent as here the host manages the server for you, exempting you from have any technical knowledge.
  • Unmanaged-In this case you are required to configure and manage your server all by yourself, which makes it mandatory for you to have technical knowledge.

So, therefore, choose your hosting type accordingly. Unless you are a pro in managing things on your own, go for Managed VPS hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Totally new in its concept, Cloud Hosting is where your site is hosted on cloud architecture than on a specific physical server.

Known for its Scalability Feature, Cloud Hosting Technology allows you to add or remove resources. To put it simply, if your site on a certain period unexpectedly gets a rise in traffic, you can scale the resources during the rise to manage, and get back to normal when it has gone less.

Cloud Hosting is a plan which fits for all sizes and offers Managed and Unmanaged Hosting similar to Virtual Private Server.

Dedicated Server

Users of websites, specifically E-Commerce, with a big budget and great traffic, seeking great performance should go for Dedicated Server.

With Dedicated Server, you are going to have a boom in your Website’s performance, which implies quick loading of the website and no navigation and page loading errors.

You get an entire server to yourself, without the need to share resources(like shared hosting) or limit yourself to a virtual partition(like a VPS).

Like VPS and Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers are both Managed and Unmanaged.

The only point which makes Dedicated Server, a much thought after plan is its Cost. Even the cheapest Dedicated Servers costs $100 a month and going a bit high can easily go up to more than $300 per month.














5 Search Engine Alternatives To Google

In terms of popularity, undoubtedly Google ranks as no 1 Search Engine. According to the Net Market Share the majority of the pie is occupied by Google itself. And to offer to its user’s, such seamless and personalized experience, Google uses powerful algorithms along with AI implementation.

But as we all know everything worth having comes at a cost. The cost we pay for the service is by allowing ourselves to get tracked on the Internet and share our personal data. The outcome of this tracking is none other than, personalized ads targeting you which is annoying at times.

So if you are looking for an alternative to Google, which offers an equally good service depending on your needs, additionally in terms of privacy, here’s the list of websites you can check out.


If online privacy is where your concern stands for, then  DuckDuckGo is the search engine best suitable for you. The popularity of this website stands tall because of the user privacy it offers. You will be surfing the internet, with peace, that you are not getting tracked online. DuckDuckGo’s CEO Gabriel Weinburg quotes “If FBI comes to us, we have nothing to tie back to you”.

Adding it’s extension to the browser keeps your activities private. One of the best non-privacy features which are worth mentioning is “Bangs”. When a user types his/her query with an exclamation mark, it allows searching other sites directly.


This is another recommended search engine by Privacy endorsements run by Qwant has considerable weight owing to being one of the leading campaigners against state-sponsored data. It is a France based search engine, which respects your privacy and makes your discovering a pleasing one.

It is also serving as a music search engine. The website displays an impressive result page that categorically displays trending News, Web, and Social.

Start Page

Startpage was developed by Ixquick to include search results from Google without tracking. Before launching StartPage, Ixquick was operating as a standalone search engine displaying its own results. They got merged in 2009 and now operate jointly under the brand Start Page.

Start Page provides a Proxy feature that promotes cookie-free internet. It has a custom URL generator which eliminates the need for setting a cookie. It means you can save your settings in a privacy-friendly manner.

Interestingly the search engine gives you the option of changing its theme.



The search engine deserves much attention due to it’s an innovative and unique way of displaying results. It has all the data privacy features and doesn’t gather your IP address, search history and unique ID’s.

Every result displayed is in the format, which is a PNG image no more than 80KB which saves a lot of space.


SearX is known as a Metasearch engine, which extracts data from several sources that include Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, etc. and provides the user with the best mix available. One of the most prominent and distinct characteristics of this search engine is that it is both ad and affiliate free, which is an add on benefit.

The search engine can be customized to host it in your own server. SearX is an open source that allows one to dig down into the code and make sure it is delivering on its privacy promises. It bestows a full proof guarantee that our data is not being tracked.



Why Digital Marketing Is The Next Big Thing In Future

 “If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business-Bill Gates”

With the boom of E-Commerce Portals in the past few years, Online marketing has gained immense importance. Although traditional marketing tools are still very much in practice, online advertisements are in trend and is going to rule the business domain in near future. It is an era where a larger percentage of people prefer online transactions. With internet present in every realm of life and the rapid increase of it’s usage everyday, Marketing too has found a platform to reach a wider customer base.

Today literally almost everyone is online. And Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, You-Tube, Twitter, Snapchat, Google Plus, Pinterest and there a tons of them, which allows to connect with your audience across the globe. It is now the most preferred channel for marketing.

The types of Marketing which the digital space allows are E-commerce,Mobile Optimization, Social Media, Email, Blogging, Content, Affiliate, which has clear winning benefits over our traditional marketing.

Here’s a look at the trends that are predicted to dominate in the foreseen future.

Social Media Marketing

The users of Social Media Platforms are on increase with each passing day. Every platforms has millions of active users across the globe. And these huge numbers are clear indicators that businesses  in need of expansion can reach their target audience through these platforms at a very minimal cost.

Let alone bigger players, even Small and Medium Sized businesses can get started with a minimal amount and speed up their growth.

Content Marketing

“Content is the King”. A good and engaging content grabs the attention of the readers instantly and forces one to take action. It is an ongoing process, which increases brand awareness and drives more online traffic. Through a quality post ,once the visitor lands on the site, they learn more about other products and services. Quality content include blog posts, in-depth tutorials, infographics and videos.

Explainer Videos

Explainer are a lot more engaging and conveys your message in a very interesting way.It is expected to boom in near future.It is worth the time and effort and drives effective sales.Incorporating Explainer videos on your website,explains your product specifically to customers.It not only increases Brand Awareness but also Sales.

Few of the guaranteed benefits over traditional marketing are listed below.

Cost Effective

Print,TV and other medium costs a bomb to the entrepreneurs and still shows limited results. While digital medium is way cheaper and benefits all sized industries. 

Brand Development

Instead of renting out a small column in the newspaper, digitally you can own an entire website and showcase your ads, promote your brand which helps to build your name in a comparatively very less time.

Greater Exposure

With the increase of internet users vastly over the years, it is available to everyone at a very lesser cost. Hence it is nowadays considered to be the best medium of advertising.

Real Time Result,Easy Analytics

Through Google Analytics, one can easily view the results like no. of visitors, conversion rate, bounce rate,busiest period of day, location of visitors and accordingly one can strategise to increase their visitors and generate lead.





Ever Wondered Why You Liked Emojis SO Much

A picture is worth a thousand words—But Emojis…….That speaks Volumes

Emojis is a Japanese inspired word (which evolved from emoticons for digital icons that represents emotions)

Since the launch of various Social Media Platforms, Emojis have become a real staple in digital communications. These little digital images only seem to be getting more and more popular so much so that they have earned themselves a dedicated day of significance #World Emoji Day.


That birthday cake emoji or those emojis of different face patterns, flags of every nation, fruits, transportation, sports ……and there are emojis to effectively and concisely communicate every emotion and occasion in and around us.

We may perceive it as just a fun picture added to our sentence but the findings have shown that the brain processes ironic emojis in the same way as ironic language. Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge says “Emoji is a great way to add personality to a text-based conversation”.

It may be just a little picture but it conveys significant meaning in a sentence or sometimes even without it. They are the new shorthand. A crucial means to get your message across.

Spoken and signed languages evolved long before humans developed written representations of languages and carry that powerful role of enhancing or changing meaning through mechanisms like “intonation or gesture”.


Emojis broaden our view of communication. Words or sentences in a combination of pictures or gestures are better interpreted. The patterns of our brain as per the studies better reprocesses and re-analyses the content of the sentence when paired with emojis or relevant pictures. Furthermore, they add the fun quotient owing to their playful, colorful, vibrant, let’s face it- it’s entertaining too and constantly evolving patterns.

It gives the same satisfaction and personal touch in our communication digitally as we would have in person. It can be labeled as the new cornerstone of modern digital communications because without them a message might appear void of emotion.

Many start-ups and even established businesses rely greatly upon emojis to learn better about their clients. It helps them understand their consumer behavior, stay updated and act accordingly. It’s quicker than trying to explain through the whole gamut of words.

The popularity of emojis around the globe is only growing. It can be understood by everyone as they have no language boundaries. When we send someone an emoji of a smiley face, the meaning behind it is the same regardless of whether one is American or Turkish.

I am a Jabra fan of these cute little images and simply can’t do without them digitally.

Do share your thoughts about these little digital “oxygens”.