Procrastination’s always makes for last minute plans, which puts strain on our pockets. Planning well ahead in advance, saves us from a lot of unnecessary expenses, and even leaves scope for savings on great deals. 

Planning at the last moment calls for high prices and low availability. There might be scenarios where you are left room, but to delay the travel plans due to unavailability. But dire situations call for dire measures. So, here are few tips to save money, while on the go.

Be Flexible with your flights: 

Availability as per our own comfort and convenience can’t be explored due to unavailability. It’s not unfortunate but can be taken in way to explore the unexplored. You might have to compromise on the luxury, you are habituated of, but you will get an altogether unique experience of traveling at odd times and that too in a budget.

You might get lucky, of travelling in absolute peace, which otherwise would have attracted huge crowd.

Get the job done through travel agent 

Delegate as much as work as you can. Look for a travel agent, to get things for you sorted. Use the resource, to get things done without you spending your already busy time on those stuffs. 

They are best in their job and will get you the best deals, without you scratching your head. You might even end up getting important connections, for your travel destination.

Go for combo deals – Combo offers for both airfare/trainfare and hotel accommodations, makes for miraculous deals, while booking at the final moment. 

The prices are relatively cheaper, saving a lot of hassle too, which is no less than a gift. When already late for packing, these offers will get you out of the tussle in managing time efficiently and smartly. 

Remain open to destinations: The freedom to choose destination of your choice might not be applicable at the last moment for you, but would definitely give a chance to travel the path less chosen. 

Look for the off-beat places and set the tone for exploring the unknown. It will take you to places, which you thought never existed. 

It will teach you to be flexible enough and give you learnings which are somewhere or the other connected with you individually. 

Get in touch with hotels directly – Online options may not give you the flexibility of timings, if you happen to reach at odd times. Contacting hotels directly, will open up opportunities. Speaking in person by dialling up on hotel numbers, might crack even better deals. 

Make best use of the stuffs, at your hotel room – Hotel food is costly, for which you will have to shell out lot of bucks. You can try making good use of the hot bottle kettle and toaster from the hotel room. You will get to have a quick snack and tea or coffee, or even can boil eggs. This will come handy for quick fixes, when hungry at uneven hours. 

Borrow stuff from hotel, which are not chargeable– To your sweet surprise, not many people are aware that you are free to borrow stuffs from hotel, which are not chargeable. Most of the stuffs lie idle, which can be utilized and there is no shame in asking for the same.

Ask for the last room in the hotel floor – It will turn out to be a great idea, to request for the corner room in the hotel. They usually come with larger areas, and better views. It is not considered an upgrade and will not require you to pay for that additionally.

With the tips shared above, saving money at the last-minute travel deals will not be an issue anymore. So, now you can focus on packing and enjoying your moment of vacationing. 

When all the travel deals and bookings have been carried out, you might worry about draining out all your savings for future expenses. To tackle this situation in an efficient way, you have the option of availing personal loan. Due to affordable interest rates, personal loans have become an ideal choice for consumers in recent years.

With the infusion of technology, applying for personal loans have become more easier than before. 

HDFC Bank Personal loan Interest Rate are the most affordable one to choose from.  The interest rate starts from, 10.75% p.a, which both salaried and self-employed individuals. Borrowers can avail loan amount up to Rs 50,000 to Rs 75 lakh.

Benefits of taking personal loan from HDFC bank:

  • The bank offers low rates for Government employees
  • Prepayment option after 12 months.
  • Range of branches across country
  • Eligibility for higher loan amount
  • The bank offers processing fee at discounted rates.
  • There is special offer for top corporate employees
  • Special scheme discounts for employees for large companies

Key Features of personal loans from HDFC bank

  • Loans for both salaried and self-employed professionals
  • Loan is available to individuals in the age range of 21 to 60 years
  • There is flexibility in the loan tenure for applicants ranging from 12 to 60 months
  • The loan is available at EMI as low as Rs 2,162 per lakh

HDFC Bank also offers special schemes for special category of borrowers, including borrowers associated with reputed organisations, banks or government employees etc. Few of the schemes are mentioned below:

  • Personal loan for Doctors
  • Personal loan for pensioners
  • Personal loan for salaried professionals
  • Personal loan Diva for Women Customers
  • Golden Edge Personal Loan

Applying for personal loan online at HDFC Bank is quite easy and simple. The user interface allows even the first- time user to get through the process of applying the personal loan, easy and convenient. The applicant will have to fill all the details in the application form and submit few minimal documents. 

On qualifying for the loan, the bank executive will get in touch with you shortly for further procedure. The online application has to a lot extent, eliminated the physical visiting of bank branches. 

Personal loan charges of HDFC Bank 

Part payment charges- After 12 months of loan payment, the bank allows part payment at 2-4% interest.

Processing fee- A processing fee of up to 2.50% interest rate, min is Rs1,999 with applicable tax. This fee is non-refundable from the bank.

Other Charges – Once your application gets approved, the bank will provide you a statement of other charges, on loan account. Some charges include EMI bounce charges, loan cancellation charges, late payment charges etc.

Pre-closure charges – If you have received some additional, which you are willing to go for closing the loan account, then the bank charges, 2-4% pre-closure charges, which is possible after paying 12 EMIs.

Now with all the features available at your disposal, there is no need to worry about getting short of funds. You can easily plan for your vacations and make the most of the moment, while HDFC Bank will take care of your financial needs, without putting a dent in your pocket.

The affordable interest rates, lets you easily repay the loan amount at your chosen convenient period. You can be rest assured about your lifetime savings, which you have been amassing over a period of time. Put all your concerns to rest and let personal loan take care of your needs.

Here’s Why Dubai is Cited as Pearl of Arabian Gulf

Hypnotizing, Alluring, Captivating!!!!

That’s DUBAI.

A Conglomeration of Age-Old Traditions, Modern & Futuristic Ideas, and Ambitions, makes Dubai one of the favourite and most interesting places to Visit in the World.

With it’s Architectural Dynamism, Astonishing Fantasies, Panoramic Natural Scenery and A Perplexing Night Life. Dubai is often talked about as the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf.

The first thought of Dessert might leave you with the monotony of vast desert expanse of sand dunes with little or no sight of greenery. But-but-but, the bubble is burst at mere a glance of the city.

Built atop the sandy Arabian Desert on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a Paradise for Tourists. All of Glitz, Glam and Exoticism, Dubai offers the best of everything to its tourists.

From a small fishing village to the Second Largest as well as the most populated Emirate of the UAE on the Arabian Peninsula, the city has come a long way to establish itself as one of the world’s most prominent business and trade centres. An important landmark in Dubai’s history was the discovery of oil in 1966 at Dubai’s Fateh Oil Field. Upon the first export of oil in 1969, the economy of the Emirate began to flourish. From the creation of currency and establishment of the largest harbour to the development of a strong infrastructure network, the city underwent several major transformations with the revenue raked in from oil and gas.

Dubai today stands tall and proud as a premier business and tourist destination, offering world-class infrastructure, awe-inspiring skyscrapers, best in class shopping, dining and leisure facilities and most of all crime free and expat friendly environment.