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Pinkishe-The Community of All Women Uplifting  Each Other

“When a Women Supports Other Women, The Strength is Unstoppable”

Ours is a Country where Female Goddesses are Worshipped. Ironically the statement stands in complete contradiction with the actual reality of  Women today. Women since ages have always been an oppressed community and adding to it more elaborately, they have been oppressed more by women themselves. It has to change. Else there will be no point, talking about Feminism.

Pinkishe, is a registered Non-Government Organisation, which has its focus on the development, well-being, pride, and happiness of the Indian Women. Pinkishe’s prime objective is to bring happiness, self-sustenance, support, and pride to the Indian Women. In a very short period of time, it has grown to be a community of more than 175,000+Women across the country. It has 50 branches spread across Pan India, to sort issues being faced by women locally as well centrally. Pinkishe is an ever growing “offline” “online” and “on-ground” network of Pinkishe members who work tirelessly to enhance the lives of “Pink” gender for the better.

Pinkishe gives women an interactive platform where women from all walks of life together create a wonderful team of uplifting each other. Pinkishe conducts several women related skill development programs to help underprivileged women and girls and create value by contributing to Society. Pinkishe aims to make women empowered through various programs, projects, and drives and create awareness among Women to tackle various social issues.

Pinkishe has an agenda of making Women economically independent, make socially responsible towards women-related issues, make them aware of their rights. Pinkishe has also created a 24/7 helpline no for Women in distress, who are being subjected to any kind of domestic violence, harassment or any other atrocity. A Facebook forum has also been created for women to discuss their issues with moderators, who provide necessary assistance to them.

Pinkishe runs several programs under its banner to support women.


Under this program, a team of legal experts provides voluntary assistance to needy women. It has a panel of lawyers and counselors in each of Pinkishe branch to help “needy women” by providing appropriate counseling and legal support as per their need. Paakhi also has a helpline number-8588870999 for the women in distress to call and get assistance. Paakhi conducts awareness drives and camps on women rights across the nation to remind the Indian Women that they already have sufficient power at their disposal, they just have to invoke the same. The objective of Paakhi is to reach out to every woman in need and help her getting all that to which she is really entitled by the law of our nation.


This program revolves around one of the major issues that the women in the lowest strata of society experience. The topic of menstrual hygiene still remains a taboo in these societies and hence it’s high time an effort is made to bring a change to this. This program aims to spread awareness and extend support to needy women and girls. It has been embraced by thousands of women, thus making Pinkishe Synonymous with the health and dignity of Women.


Under this program, lower middle class and rural women will be trained to stitch sanitary pads and make other products and earn a livelihood.

Pink Circle

Started with few women, Pinkishe now comprises of 1.40 lac women across 50 cities. It motivates them to realize their true potential. Pink Circle is a space where ideas are born and they are converted into strategies for making progressive society. It also motivates each member to work towards her own learning and growth. The foundation takes up, on one hand, national projects and on the other local issues which can be highly beneficial to the local women of a particular circle. The Pink Circle has also opened many avenues where it’s members discuss the personal as well as professional growth while they continue to serve them.


This is a program launched by Pinkishe to call out all the women entrepreneurs to showcase their creations.


The magazine is also under the program of Pinkishe. Through the magazine, Pinkishe wants to be the mouthpiece of all the issues that have been rising against women in this decade. It is a showcase of the efforts put by the volunteers for the betterment of society. This is an example of what can be achieved if we collaborate.

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Fareha Nousheen