Claim Your “Me Time”- Why You Should Make It A Priority

Women have always been tagged as Multitasking…

I find this term as more of an unethical liability than a Compliment.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup”—The adage stands SO true. You’re not your best self in any sense if you’re running on empty.

After the birth of my daughter, life took a 360-degree turn. As a new mommy, learning new life lessons, I found myself engrossed either taking care of my child or doing all the daily chores throughout the day. I couldn’t find time to devote to myself. Results—At the end of the day I was left completely drained out and exhausted.

Spent Some Time For Yourself

It might seem normal to just sail through your routine, giving more than 100% to your responsibilities, but trust me at one point it is only for you to realize that you’ve not taken a moment for yourself ALL day.

I’ve definitely been through seasons when this is the case.

But fear not! I’m here to help you to find those slots of ‘Me Time’ even in the most pack of schedules.

A one week holiday sounds fascinating but is still a temporary quick-fix. What’s really beneficial and sustainable is incorporating more ‘Me Time’ into EVERY day. The motive is to give yourself a break from the monotonous routine and engage in an affair which soothes your soul and ease our body and mind.

  Me Time is Important

Book The First Hour After Waking Up For Yourself

If you have had a slot allocated just for you, the first thing when you wake up sets the tone positively. You’ll feel energised, valued and will be calmer, no matter what happens in the day post your ‘Me Time’.

Exercising or Walking boost your endorphins, which keeps you in a better mood. You will also jump-start your metabolism and burn calories. Not only it will keep you energised, but you will be healthier too.

Give yourself a chance to serve nature and get benefited from them. Gardening is one hobby which I believe brings one closer to nature. The feel of soil, the leaves, flowers, the tranquil atmosphere lifts your spirit. Having plants around your house also has the advantage of protecting you from dust and pollution. Ten-minute walk into nature gives you the boost to kick start your day. How peaceful it is to be around plants, more than merry.

Me Time is Essential

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Make a Schedule and Stick to It

Time Management should be done in a way to strike the right balance between personal, professional and your own self. It’s very important to know what are your priorities. Keeping a planner, agenda or utilising your phone’s apps are great ways to keep track of your day.

When trying to figure out your priorities, look at the bigger picture and ask yourself, what’s more, important in the long run. Misplaced priorities can lead to bad results.

Don’t let social life take centre stage. Although it is necessary to fulfil your duties as a friend and neighbours, it is absolutely OK to save yourself some-time. Don’t be afraid to tell NO to your friends, neighbours or relatives and overstretch yourselves with social commitment.

Don’t over-commit yourself. Stretching yourself too thin a few times in life, it isn’t a good feeling and certainly exhausting. When it comes to managing the balancing act this is the key component.

Eating With A Peaceful Mind Is Important


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Practice Mindful Eating

We lead lives that are crazy, busy, managing work, family kids, friends, social events and so much more. Because lives have become so busy, a lot of what we do on a daily basis is a routine and often requires very little presence at the moment.

Gulping down the food without even properly chewing or relishing has become a fad, which in no way is beneficial to the body. I had this habit of doing it unconsciously which led to my weight gain. But I now take extra care of what goes inside my body in the form of food. Mindful eating is not complicated and it doesn’t require a whole lot of time. What it truly requires is your attention to the food which you are eating, the way it looks, the way it feels in your mouth and how it makes you feel.

For many of us, the aforementioned things may be too much to ask. But at a basic level, paying attention to the food you’re eating goes a long way in shaping your mind and body

At Work

  • Turn away from the computer when eating.
  • Take lunch and dinner elsewhere from your desk.
  • Don’t let yourself get overly hungry. Keep healthy snacks handy with you to help promote making better choices and will also help to promote energy throughout the day.
  • Plan ahead to bring healthy food with you. Compromising with junk food, or too oily and spicy outside food is not advisable.

At Home

  • Always eat together. All family members should be seated together in one place while having meals.
  • It creates a good bonding and gets everyone in good tune.
  • Turn off the TV and put away all electronic devices.

Overall tuning your food can offer many major pluses+++.

Reading Is Therapeutic

Swap Social Media Sites for a Book

Facebooking, Tweeting, Whatapping, Instagramming, Snapchatting and similar other networking sites are very much in trend these days and it is a never-ending process which can be done throughout the day. A dedicated time should not be allotted for it. To me, these sites are a source of anxiety rather than relaxation. I prefer a good book instead.

We get stressed at work, at home, in personal relationships, or countless other issues faced in daily life. It all slips away when you lose yourself in a great novel. It is a proven fact that reading helps to reduce stress, drain away tensions and allows you to relax. A well-written book transports you to other realms.

And every time we read something, it fills our head with new bits of information and you never know when it comes handy. Knowledge equips you to tackle any challenge you’ll ever face.

The bonus would be reading more will help to sleep better too.

It is a win-win for you. It can never let you down.

I can assure you, if you follow these tips, you’ll forget how busy you are and you’ll start leading a more enjoyable and gratifying life. Having a full schedule can take a lot out of a person. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself with all the love, care, compassion and warmth because you are worth it.

To make your life more lively and peaceful, you can have a good read of the Japanese Book- Ikigai

Do write to me if you can add some more Do’s and Don’ts to the list.

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