Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies, these grey brown parasites which reach about 2mm in length are undoubtedly an unwelcome visitor in your child’s head. Yes,you got it right, I am referring to the Headlice. An itchy scratchy infestation of headlice is one difficult issue to deal with, a very common problem among kids. It is very contagious and annoying. Now that I have put my daughter Soha to school, along with other hygiene factors which I want to check, this issue also holds a prominent place. Though I am excited even at thought of my tutti-fruity embarking on this new journey, making lots of little friends and learning new things at her school, the concern of possibly catching headlice also can’t be ignored. Studies suggest that the chance of catching these pests during childhood is higher and they prefer to nest in clean hair.

Creepy Crawlies

Yes, it is difficult to deal with the head lice but they are not dangerous. They don’t spread disease. Itching and scratching may leave red marks on the scalp. It is the duty of every parent to inform the nursery if their child has been affected by lice and get the necessary treatment done. Informing the staff helps to check other children from getting affected. Many schools do regular lice checks, examining every child’s head once or twice a year, but it is good to be sure from your end to confirm their findings. The school authorities may send a warning note about someone having lice in his /her class. Check as early as possible and treat the whole family to get rid of it.

creepy crawlies

About the size of a sesame seed, these wingless parasites live on the scalp, feeding on the blood and spread via head to head contact. The females lay eggs called nits that resemble the particles of sand. Eggs are laid near the shaft of the hair to give the required amount of temperature to hatch. The tiny creatures are hard to spot but can be inspected through wet combing. Parting the hair into different sections and combing from root to tip with a lice comb(the teeth of lice comb are very close to nab the lice) is the most effective tool for finding lice. They grow at a very faster rate and hence you need to comb every other day to catch the newly hatched lice. This routine should be carried thoroughly for weeks. Lice removal lotions are available at the pharmacy which is effective at removing the headlice. Yet some chemicals have been proved to be totally immune. So choose your products wisely. Take the advice of your pharmacist. When treated properly, it will surely be out of your child’s head sooner or later.


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