Don’t Let “Phubbing” Crumble your Very Existence

Technically the Word Phubbing has its origin dating back to the year 2012. It is a combination of two words “Phone” and “Snubbing”  and by way of definition it implies “The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by paying attention to the phone than the person”.

We are no strangers to this phenomenon and have been leading our lives, as the new normal with the advent of Smartphone.

Even though the polite purpose of technology  and various social media apps was to connect more and more people across the globe, unfortunately the motive got twisted and today that very technology and human Interaction are at odds.

Let’s admit it, on many occasions we all have been through this state where we find ourselves Ignored. Contrastingly the closeness, attachment and quality of conversation has been declined between individuals in person.

This leads to an increased sense of fulfilment of oneself from online sources. Our lives have turned into an open book for everyone to read.

What Have we gained through all this??

Privacy is bygone.

Emotions are unattended.

One to one interaction nearly dead.

Relationships at loggerheads.

Here one can boast of the burgeoning numbers of Digital Friends on their Diverse Social Media Accounts. But have we questioned ourselves, Is That of any relevance in our lives personally??

Are we Seeking Contentment with the numbers of likes, and comments on our posts???

Does the Validation given Online, is the Assurance of our Self Worth??

These trends have only resulted in increased mental tensions, emptiness in our hearts and mind and a life full of pretences. The sole purpose of technology which was designed to bring individuals together has isolated us from the very same people.

Have we become so insensitive to understand how continuous engagement with the mobile, then with the person who is face to face is Utterly Disrespectful. Constant distraction from REAL LIFE INTERACTION. There has been a significant decline in the satisfaction levels we used to gain from INTERPERSONAL Conversation. Despite gaining friends in mammoth percentages digitally, we are heading more towards DEPRESSION. The quality time spends with our loved ones is in question. The etiquette’s followed during Phubbing has engulfed THE VERY REASON OF EXISTENCE as a family, as an individual in various Social Roles.

We are sinfully disregarding our one on one relationships within and outside the confinement of our homes to avoid difficult conversation and uncomfortable reaction. The heightened need for attention and to gain a sense of inclusion is resulting in actual physical pain in the brain. We are loosing on being Empathetic with the people around us. The very essence and key to mental health are being eroded.

In the process towards becoming more Likeable Online, our internal peace is crumbled. There is a deep vacuum inside. We pretend to appear the happiest person online, ironically we have turned low spirited and gloomy internally. In the visible and progressive trend to gain all the recognition, it’s been predicted, our interpersonal interaction will sooner or later, evanescent. In the hunger and greed to “Have It All” and to acquire The Entirety, we have pushed ourselves to the brink of atrophy.

Let’s strive to Be our Real Selves. Our brains have been wired in a particular way, we should not intermingle in the process. A practitioner and believer personally that I am, of authentic and real-time communication with people around me, renders deep emotional connect and soothes my soul. The sooner, the better, if we fathom the long term consequences of compromising on the emotional and mental health, on being addicted to technology. Whatever we feel inside is incongruent with how we act with others. We will not be committing a crime by being genuine, vulnerable and compassionate. The toughest part is to be someone, whom we don’t oblige with. And even more difficult it would be to continue being the one, for a longer period and return to a beehive once we are inherently frustrated with the masks put on.


Take charge before it’s too late to reverse. Enable a technology-free zone or at-least minimal indulgence on the internet around you when you are through with your work front. It WILL reap benefits in the long run.















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