Ever Wondered Why You Liked Emojis SO Much

A picture is worth a thousand words—But Emojis…….That speaks Volumes

Emojis is a Japanese inspired word (which evolved from emoticons for digital icons that represents emotions)

Since the launch of various Social Media Platforms, Emojis have become a real staple in digital communications. These little digital images only seem to be getting more and more popular so much so that they have earned themselves a dedicated day of significance #World Emoji Day.


That birthday cake emoji or those emojis of different face patterns, flags of every nation, fruits, transportation, sports ……and there are emojis to effectively and concisely communicate every emotion and occasion in and around us.

We may perceive it as just a fun picture added to our sentence but the findings have shown that the brain processes ironic emojis in the same way as ironic language. Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge says “Emoji is a great way to add personality to a text-based conversation”.

It may be just a little picture but it conveys significant meaning in a sentence or sometimes even without it. They are the new shorthand. A crucial means to get your message across.

Spoken and signed languages evolved long before humans developed written representations of languages and carry that powerful role of enhancing or changing meaning through mechanisms like “intonation or gesture”.


Emojis broaden our view of communication. Words or sentences in a combination of pictures or gestures are better interpreted. The patterns of our brain as per the studies better reprocesses and re-analyses the content of the sentence when paired with emojis or relevant pictures. Furthermore, they add the fun quotient owing to their playful, colorful, vibrant, let’s face it- it’s entertaining too and constantly evolving patterns.

It gives the same satisfaction and personal touch in our communication digitally as we would have in person. It can be labeled as the new cornerstone of modern digital communications because without them a message might appear void of emotion.

Many start-ups and even established businesses rely greatly upon emojis to learn better about their clients. It helps them understand their consumer behavior, stay updated and act accordingly. It’s quicker than trying to explain through the whole gamut of words.

The popularity of emojis around the globe is only growing. It can be understood by everyone as they have no language boundaries. When we send someone an emoji of a smiley face, the meaning behind it is the same regardless of whether one is American or Turkish.

I am a Jabra fan of these cute little images and simply can’t do without them digitally.

Do share your thoughts about these little digital “oxygens”.



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