Examination Phobia!!! Ward it Off

Come March, and the roads appear to have shed half their traffic. It is a high-stress time due to examinations not only for students but also for parents, teachers and the whole society in general. Unless there is a situation of dire emergency, people avoid going out of the house altogether. Cable connections disconnected, children parks and play area almost barren,malls-theatres close to empty, outings-recreations postponed and not to forget the use of gadgets restricted vehemently by seniors in the family.

 Valuable Tips to deal with examination stress

What is Examination Phobia

Parents are very academically inclined. Academic success is considered the benchmark of a student’s capacity. More marks=smarter students. The potential of the student is always under the magnifying glass. In the rat race of securing a place for meaningful survival and acquiring the comforts and luxuries of life, education is the only key to it.

This leads to an increased sense of responsibility to be the academic achievers which are the ultimate cause of stress amongst students. Parental expectations, Societal demands, Peer pressure, differentiation of faculties at educational institutions, improper time management, erroneous lifestyle are few factors contributing to increased anxiety amongst children who become the worst victims of this kind of Phobia.

Useful Tips to deal with stress during exam

The repercussions of Examination Phobia can range from an increased level of anxiety, loss of sleep and diet, low concentration level, amnesia, excessive nervousness, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and in few cases, physical problems include diarrhea, vomiting, increased heart rate sometimes continuous stress could also lead to Depression.

A minimum level of anxiety or fear is necessary for anybody to perform better at an optimum level, on the other hand, extreme fear and anxiety have a negative effect and block students’ memories even if they are well prepared.

Well, this situation is very severe, even more than we think. Ignorance will only lead to critical situations. It would be better if we take notice of it and lookout for ways to positively deal with the situation rather than make the child more defiant by the repetitive insistence to study.

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Smart Tips in Dealing with Examination Stress

Addressing the issue with little understanding both from parents, teachers are surely going to make the phase more tolerable and enjoyable.

  • Examinations do not define your success or failure in life. Academic success definitely is required to secure a valuable position for a job but it is not the end of everything. There are loads of real-life stories who are successful in their life and to remind you, they also had an unsuccessful attempt at their academic examinations. So judging and evaluating a person’s capabilities on the basis of marks should not be the only criteria. making use of opportunities, soft skills, networking do more than marks.
  • There is more to life than exams. Life always throws at you innumerable scenarios for us to make the best use of opportunities. Like many other exams, you have faced earlier and many more you are yet to face in the future, it’s just an examination. Losing your mind over something which is not unique and commonly encountered should not be the matter.
  • There is always a second chance. There is no shame in getting a second chance to clear the exams. Do not punish yourself with guilt-laden thoughts. When we succeed in life no one remembers that you had 2 or 3 back papers. It’s just our own thinking about the situation which makes us feel shameful. The result of one exam can’t lessen anyone’s value.
  • Every individual has different potential. He/She may not succeed academically but can be an expert at an area that interests him/her. This is what we call talent. It is the responsibility of Parents, Teachers, and society as a whole to help a child unleash their hidden potential and to prosper in life with their distinctive traits.

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Having said that, please do not assume that becoming aimless, goalless, and unmotivated is what is expected of you as a student. In every stage of life, we are expected to fulfill certain duties and perform certain roles. To enjoy that stage well, carrying these will give you true joy.

Important Tips to Deal with stress during exams

Valuable points to deal with the Examination Phobia

  • Believe in yourself. You are no less than anyone else. When other’s can achieve, you can too. Plan, Practice and Revise, seek guidance, trust yourself, you are sure to succeed.
  • Manage your time well. Stay focused. Take rest in between. Go for a walk, get yourself some recreation, have a proper diet, get enough sleep. It will boost your learning power.
  • Don’t panic. It will only worsen the situation. Take a deep breath and take one step at a time. Attempt those questions, you know first, keep the tough ones for later. Revise before submitting your answer sheet.
  • Familiarise yourself with the exam pattern by practicing mock questions. It will increase your awareness and you will be ready for the final one.


Strive for progress and learning, not perfection. Get over the myth that “Success in an exam is a predictor of success in life”.

It is for parents to let their child know that their child’s grade does not determine their worth. Believe in your child and he/she will believe in themselves. This will lead to better development of the personality of the child and will enable them to face the challenges in life in a positive manner.

How do you make your child comfortable during examinations? Share your pointers in comments. If you would like to add more details to the post, you can write to us or share it in the comments.

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