Find out why “Your Body is your Real Life Partner”

To remain healthy and lead a good life, we need to keep a balance between our mind and body. When health fails, it overshadows everything else. Our body’s overall health and wellness depend on eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising. Now we should be more focused and dedicated to fighting the ongoing pandemic as much as possible by boosting our immune system.

But how much focused are we towards our body, in the truest sense?


Few would say, in complete control. Others might not consider the topic, to be worthy of giving attention. While some are aware of the health hazards upon negligence and are eager to go for healthy choices, but need someone to steer them in the right direction. Few would fall in the list of “happy go lucky” category when it comes to their choices of considering healthy food options.


But the fact is, the more dedicated we are towards our body, the more our Body will care for us. It’s our duty and responsibility to put the best foot forward, in impressing our partner, by opting for the best nutrition plan.

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Making The Right Choices Matters A Lot

Staying healthy is not a choice. It’s our duty. And we all must follow it religiously. In the list of our priorities, Health should come first. Not by force, but by Will. It’s our responsibility, which no one else can share it. We spend so much time, money, and energy on superficial and material aspects of life. With immense discipline and inclination, we all are up to chase the “ideal worldly standards”. If we only consider giving one-fourth of dedication and aim to fulfil the demands of our body, the battle will be won. It’s a Guarantee.


Taking care of our bodies is the most important thing we should do to empower our life. Loving or ignoring it will determine the experience and quality of life. In other respects, it will be like, being in the company of someone you do not approve of.

The more we take care of it, the more it responds to us in a positive manner. The way we eat, the way we deal with stress, how much time we spend resting, how much we focus on exercising, keeping ourselves in the good company of folks who are giving us positive vibes, and cheering us.


Three Key Areas To Look After Your Body

Eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercise are the three key elements that you should look at while taking care of your body.

Diet and Nutrition

It’s a cliche “You’re what you eat”. It is a fact we all are aware of. Our body absorbs nutrients more efficiently when it comes from whole food sources like grains, pulses, fresh fruits, and green leafy vegetables. It is important to keep a healthy mix of food and nutrients, rather than processed foods and supplements. The more the plate is colorful, the more it is healthy. Some simple changes in the diet has the ability to make big differences in your life. It increases your energy levels, lifts your spirit, and reduces the likelihood of becoming ill. The best approach is to make sure that you get enough of each essential building block of diet and not too much of any.

Rest and Sleep

Sleep is needed so that your mind and body function in proper order. Lack of proper sleep can interfere in the functioning of the brain. Sleep disorders can pose immune disorders making it weaker. Sleep is just as important as food and exercise. Sleep is the key factor in our quality of life. It helps control our metabolism and weight, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, increases knowledge retention, boosts our immune system, and helps us with long and short term memory.

Sleep is the time when the body is working hard to repair the damage caused by stress, ultraviolet rays, and other harmful exposure. Your cells produce more protein while you are sleeping. These protein molecules are the building block for cells, allowing them to repair the damage.


Exercise helps in keeping body fit


Being fit boosts our immune system and helps fight the infection. Exercise benefits many areas of body and life. Regular exercise increases your overall level of fitness. It gives you energy and increases your stamina. It also allows you to sleep better at night, which is important to maintaining an overall good mood. Working out increases your good cholesterol and decreases your risk of serious medical issues, especially those related to heart.

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Give Yourself The Much Needed Attention

Life is an ECHO. What we give out, comes back to us. To have a successful relationship with ourselves, it’s very important how we look at ourselves and life. It is important to be equipped with good coping tools, to remain sane while performing our day to day activities. Once we master the art of taking good care of ourselves, all our worldly relationships will be happy and comfortable. When we are happier, we are better at being other relationships. Simply put, we will not need someone or something to make us feel complete and happy. We will then stay whole in any relationship, allowing that person to stay whole too. We are able to communicate, laugh, love, and grow together.

Ask yourself before looking for outward people, places, things to complete you. “Are they going to fuel me in feeling really good about and within myself”? If it doesn’t, it’s better to shun it, permanently. It is very important to learn to establish deep connections with yourself, your desires, and your passions. Surround yourself with people who can help you reflect, and maintain a positive outlook and approach.


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Pay Heed to What You Focus On

Keep negative emotions out of your coverage zone. Pay attention to how you feel. If you feel bad or less whole, you will start seeking someone or something else to make you feel better, leading to poor food habit, choice of partner, or choice of words in an argument. Do whatever it takes to make you feel good. A walk, meditation, exercise, good friends, or whatever makes you happy.

Practice Gratitude. For whatever you have and who you are. The more you will be thankful, the more it is likely to look at circumstances and situations in a more positive way, rather than feeling bad or cursing. For the times when we do not find anything to be grateful for, here is an exercise:

Close your eyes and repeat “I am a miracle”.


Say it again.

Smile broader, Say it again.

Open your eyes and feel it.

Awaken your most confident self. Get into the path of loving yourself. Believe in your own abilities. Do what makes you feel lively, high spirited, and healthy in the most positive ways. For the very known reason, when we will feel good, we will radiate goodness. Everyone loves to be around with such people and we do not lose ourselves in relationships. Your real-life partner will love you in the most faithful way possible.


What are your ways to keep your body fit and healthy? Do you focus on loving yourself more than anything else? Share with us in the comments.

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