Life for a couple is not only a very hunky-dory but a responsible affair wanting more sincerity on the couple’s part. Especially if you have kids, you need to start looking after their welfare and overall development. And making their children do homework proves to be a super challenging task for parents because most children are quite apprehensive about doing it.

My daughter is promoted to Standard 1 this year, which makes me more concerned about her learnings at school, that needs to be practiced at home.

Children dislike homework as it wore out their rest and fun time. It brings back the ‘just completed school scenario’ into focus making children upset and angry that their playtime gets minimized.


Helping Kids with Homework

How Doing Homework Helps A Child?

Homework has it’s multifaceted advantages. Below you can read a few:

  1. Homework is a great way to make students responsible and independent learners.
  2. It brushes up the learnings implemented at school and teachers get to know how much a child has absorbed in school.
  3. It is a great way to achieve perfection
  4. It makes parents become involved in their child’s school activities, thus enabling them to keep track of their development and functioning.
  5. By doing homework a routine and disciplinary setup are constructed for students who develop better qualities, skills, senses, and abilities to take control of their lives.

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Helping Kids With Homework

How To Get The Child To Do Homework?

Parents usually resort to either of the below methods, when it comes to getting the child complete their homework.

1. Bribing

Parents try to sometimes persuade kids to do homework by bribing them, i.e. promising them their favorite treats when they complete their homework. Maybe a visit to a friend’s place or a favorite scoop of ice-cream. Parents wish to become an angel in their kid’s eyes, completely unaware of the side-effects of adopting the technique.


Why Parents Should Refrain From Bribing Their Kids?

As a parent, the responsibility of getting the homework done should not be only for the sake of completing it. Homework is disliked by children universally, but parent’s role-play comes in weaning them to do it. Children should be motivated to learn by doing their homework. Making them perform their homework in return for something, deviates them from the actual purpose of learning.

When this is practiced repeatedly, children will eventually lose interest in studies and the urge to achieving success in the longer run.

2.  Scolding and threatening

Authoritarian approach to parenting is the mode for some parents. So, parents turn to scolding, threatening, and giving physical punishments to get the homework done. Sometimes kids are threatened of holding back the rights and privileges they are entitled to at home.

In reality, threats are extremely harmful to children. When a child feels threatened, the survival area of the brain gets affected. Then the focus of the child shifts from properly completing homework to finding ways to escape punishment. The concentration to learn attentively is no longer there. They may also cheat taking the easy way to learn which is not the best way.

What Parents Should Remember While Adopting The Threatening Technique?

Parents should lead their children by setting an example themselves. Bullying and frightening children are never going to work out. Contrarily children lose faith and emotional connectivity with their parents. It also makes their personality suffer as they lose self-confidence and become confused. There develops a strained and distanced relationship between them.

Children begin to feel that parents are not interested in and concerned about them and their lives. This can lead them to go astray. Instead, parents should be kind, understanding, encouraging, and sometimes lenient too trying to put their kids in a comfort zone they wish they were in. Parents should themselves become an idealistic example for children who would feel proud of them and would try to imitate them in life. They must become friendly and approachable to kids and bring them in their confidence circle so that they feel good and motivated to do good things and achieve successful milestones.

3. Trying to help kids the other way

Sometimes parents in an effort to help out their children, do all of the homework themselves. The actual purpose of giving child homework is then off-tracked. They get the message that they have a choice to take short-cuts.

Best Ways to make children do homework

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Trying To Be Overprotective And Making Things Easy For Them Is Not The Right Way

Do not make life a cakewalk for your child. They would soon stop valuing what is being given to them. They will turn out to be an easy-going personality, lacking the enthusiasm to achieve big in life. Overcoming challenges will be difficult for them. On the face of life’s challenges, they fall flat. It leads to damaging their self-esteem. And then begin the blame game, leading to nowhere. It is a sure-shot recipe for their failure all through their life.

Parents should make every attempt to bond with their children, which gives them the boost and the confidence to move ahead in life. Check out these tips to bond with your kids and build a good rapport.

Making Homework Fun For Children

What Steps Parents Should Take To Make Their Children Do Homework?

Some tips that will help children find an interest and focus on their homework :

  1. The benefits of doing homework should be imparted to children.
  2. Homework should be projected as a challenge like any other challenge in life.
  3. Parents should show a positive attitude toward their children in doing homework. It should be presented to them as interesting, informative, helps sharpen skills, and is not a problem to escape from but a fruitful activity to indulge in.
  4. Parents should help their children do homework by taking part in explaining concepts and clearing doubts.
  5. The value of disciplined work is always rewarding. Kids should be shown with examples.

6.   Make them develop a focused approach while doing homework.

  1. Parents should try to set an example for their children to follow. When your child is doing homework don’t watch TV or listen to music rather try sitting next to him/her and show that you are interested in it and would be willing to help them out.

Helping Kids With Homework

Working The Way Out To Get Homework Done From Children

When children are explained the underlying concepts about doing homework, they are more likely to respond in a more positive way. Helping a child understand and find meaning in the said task will put across the message in the right manner. Make the task look like a challenge to overcome and not a route to escape the problem.

Setting the right approach will for sure make things work out differently. Let the approach be of enthusiasm and happiness rather than that of disgust. Stay in your child’s team helping him overcome the problem by devising strategies in the most fun way possible. It will build a child’s self-esteem. This will enable the child in decision-making, problem-solving, and resilience until the goal is accomplished. Homework is a lesson in time management.

Parents should always keep the communication channel open with kids. This helps to build confidence in a child to open-up for any and everything in their lives. Constantly re-assuring the child will help them realize that homework is a self-development activity leading to success and better things in their lives.

What techniques do you resort to while teaching your child? Is it a challenging task to get things done without losing your cool? Share your everyday stories of teaching your child.


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  1. Why do children need homework in the first place? I am sorry but I am totally against this concept of teaching. Just cramming will get them nowhere and it is of no use once you are out in the practical world.

    • Fareha Nousheen Reply

      I totally respect your concern but if looked at the other side of the coin, homework helps them practice the lessons taught in school. I also do agree that hoarding them with too much work can make them get bored by the method.
      If planned in a proper way, a healthy balance can be maintained that will solve both the purpose.
      The practice of lessons also can be done at home, while children do not get overloaded with assignments.

  2. Now that we are home and doing everything on virtual lessons, this post holds extra significance. It is so important to ensure that we help and motivate our kids without allowing them to learn at their own pace. Great post!

  3. Wow I have never thought about such a thing before. It’s amazing that we don’t realise what we are doing wrong until someone points it out. I usually do my work while they are supposed to do their homework. Till now only bribing works with my 3 YR old. Hope it changes soon.

  4. Fareha Nousheen Reply

    Thank you friends that this post could help you out. Keep reading and liking the posts. Also, share topics that you would want me to write about. It will motivate me further.

  5. well i am guilty of threatening my son for not doing homework. With home quarantine and virtual lessons paving their way, this post comes at the right time to set the right example. kids should love doing hw instead of running away from them. Thanks for bringing this to my notice.

    • Fareha Nousheen Reply

      Thank you Supriti for sharing your thoughts.

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