Does your communication with your child exude positivity in words and in actions?

Do you strike a balance in showing positive and a little stricter reactions?

In this post you will learn why resorting to a positive attitude towards your parenting technique is important for raising a child and how I use this technique while dealing with my daughter. According to Stacey C Brown (a parenting counselor in Florida) ” positive parenting can preserve a grown-ups sanity”. 

Positive Parenting is Very Crucial

What is Positive Parenting And Why It is Crucial For The Development Of The Child?

The single first step towards positive parenting is communicating and building meaningful relationships with your family. Be watchful of the tone of voice, body language, and attitude while speaking with them. Don’t let yourself pre-occupied with other responsibilities while you are with your family members. BY staying present for your family, you create a deeper connection with them thereby creating positivity. It will eventually lead to meaningful communication and connection for your children.

It is the responsibility of the parents to cultivate positivity in their lives. Be vigilant of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Indulge in activities that bring you joy.

Practice replacing negative talk while communicating with your children with positive self-statements and gratitude. When this becomes the practice, it reflects a peaceful aura at home.

Evaluate your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings on a regular basis. Reflect on the kind of people you surround yourself with. Do they reflect positivity in their words and actions or they deflate?

Draw a line and set boundaries with people who maintain a negative mindset. Surround yourself with family and friends who are positive and support their words and actions. Positive surroundings will encourage you to tread the path to maintaining the positivity you desire for yourself and your family.

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Aspects of Positive Parenting

  • It provides Unconditional Love
  • It involves Caring
  • It is valuing the sensitive needs of a child
  • It is always non-violent
  • It is Guiding
  • It teaches
  • It empowers
  • It is consistent
  • It provides affection
  • It provides opportunities to regular open communication
  • It provides emotional security and warmth
  • It recognizes the positive
  • It shows empathy towards the child’s feelings
  • It supports the child’s best interests
  • It rewards accomplishments

Positive Parenting Is Important

How you can foster positivity in your children?

Parents should facilitate opportunities for children to engage in creative expression. Help your child express their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This practice will encourage them to get in touch with their thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors. Children will learn to express themselves in a healthy way. Positive parenting is a continual relationship between children and parents. Positive parenting results in better conduct of children.

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Here’s How I Practice Positive Parenting With My Daughter

On a regular weekday, while my child was busy painting her imagination on a piece of paper, I was engrossed on my phone, sipping a cup of hot coffee, on a chill wintery evening.

Scrolling through news apps, quickly flipping from one to another(Uffff!!! There are mills of them which is so time-consuming, yet one can’t do away with them), I quickly glanced through all of them, in the meanwhile decided for the dish to be prepared for dinner.

Out of all her favorite activities which my daughter enjoys lovingly minus any bit of qualms alongside her playtime with her best friend, has always been coloring and painting. I always treasured it whenever she presented me with her neat and thoughtfully chosen colors on her coloring book. I encourage her to continue doing this because she is immensely good at it, additionally stays away from screen-time.

Positive Parenting Strengthens Bond


She doesn’t need me by her side during the activity, which gives me time to wind up my other tasks. But today she was different. She was not enjoying her activity rather just scribbling to finish the work given. The moment I stood up to move towards the kitchen, she didn’t approve of the same. She wanted me to watch her painting and guide her if she doesn’t perform well.

“Why was my little chirpy nervous” I was astounded by her behavior. She was never doubtful of herself except on the studies front. I quickly scanned if anything been said or done in my presence, which made her doubt herself. I could not recollect any.

I cocooned her in my arms, trying to sniff, what had gone wrong. She was silent for longer and I let her be. She comforted herself before speaking out the actual reason for the kind of reaction she was showcasing.

My Daughter: Mama, a few of my classmates mock at me when I draw my paintings. Should I stop doing this??

Me: Consoling and empathizing with her, I drew her closer. She could fathom my solicitous touch.

Locked in my arms, her eyes met mine. She longed to be served with acknowledgment and validation. I lifted her coloring book and explained it to her. Her observation of the surrounding around her is commendable, which visibly reflects in her artwork. The shades which she chose to complete her art-piece, exuded her talent and love for the activity. I made her understand that to draw so neatly with thoughtfully chosen colors at this age is not a small feat. And I am so proud of her. I would love to see her paint more and more.

Positive Parenting Result in better conducts of children

These statements of mine filled her with confidence, made her sparkle. “Sachi Mama!! You love my paintings…..”

She beamed with confidence.

She trusted and believed in herself. Self-doubt was emancipated.

I too have my bad days when I’m unable to keep my cool, but I now tend to be calmer and refrain from any kind of strict attitude. It has helped in multiple ways.

Tell us what technique you resort to in dealing with your child? Is it a mix of positive and negative reactions? Do let us know how you deal with mood shifts?

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