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Media mentions, Events, Offers, Celebrations, Social Media brimming with messages.

Hey, after all, today is being celebrated as  International Women’s Day.

Oh really!!!

Celebrating Womanhood
Women Celebrating Womanhood

Is dedicating a day for Women, enough to ease her life struggles, the mental, physical and emotional ordeals, the day to day brawls for her rights and dignity at home, society, and workplace, the tussle of getting acknowledged for her deeds, the skirmishes to find a place for herself in the patriarchal set-up of society.

I don’t see any change in the male-centric mindsets of our Society. It is not about only men, but women too who support the entrenched theory of Patriarchy.

Women who chose to stay at home, sacrifice her career and financial independence for the sake of the family. We should acknowledge this fact and celebrate womanhood in all its forms. It cannot be only about successful women celebrate womanhood, giving more respect to women working outside home.

I have not posted any message, on any of my social media accounts.

Yes, you heard it right…

Because I don’t find any significant reason to do so.

All these feminist thoughts and moving around is not going to help any bit if we women continue to pull each other down.

I personally loathe this double standard practices played so tactfully by Women against Women. They pretend on the face to be a savior in times of distress, but their truth is revealed by their gestures, in which they fail miserably.

I take this opportunity to question WHY??

Celebrating Womanhood

If we will not support our tribe and continue to keep depressing in spirits in each step, HOW DO WE EXPECT MEN TO DO THAT FOR US??

Why can’t we become a support system for our fellow women?

Pulling each other is not going to bring a change, no matter how many Feminism Movements are done.

Uplifting each other will.

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I want this to change. And for that to happen, I practice it myself.

In whatever small ways, I try to be there for my friends, family, acquaintances to cheer them up. I empathize with them and look for the means to help them out.

Lend an ear with the willingness to listen, patience to empathize, heart to care, the inner strength to support, and cheer when everyone else is criticizing. Always love and support our tribe and all those in need.

I have always done that, and will always continue to do in the future too. And I seek that from others also.

Women Standing Up for Each Other

It’s effortless to point fingers at others. What is grinding is to have the courage to stand for what is right, even when no one backs you, which will definitely attract all the hate. To be the one who does not try to please everyone.

I am often surrounded by women who constantly try to bring my morale down. But what makes me even stronger than before is their criticism. It makes me proud of myself for doing things, which they can never dream of. All this because I am aware of their intentions. And my actions of swimming against the tide, to break the conventional norm, kills them.

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If this remains the scenario, then it still is and will continue to remain a distant dream of men supporting women.

On the other hand, I am blessed to have women, who have been my support system apart from my family members and have gone out of their way to help me in times of need, to be there when I needed them the most. And I always have reciprocated them. I pray to have such strong bonding for all of us.

Women will have to pull each other up

Before expecting men to do that, we will have to stand up for ourselves first.

Rather than sitting and passing judgment, try and understand everyone is fighting a battle in their own way, of which you have no idea about. The least you could do is accept and respect them for who they are and for their choices.

Change is Possible. And it starts with you. Be the one.

I am already in the Role, Striving to be better every day. Hoping all of us to be in the league.

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