Lavasa City-India’s first planned Hill City, Resembling Italian City-Portofino

Lavasa is the place to keep the travelling distance short, though Pune has multiple weekend getaway destinations. Folks of Pune loves adventure and hence are always on the lookout to explore new places and it’s uniqueness.

I had a long stay in the city for a whopping 8 ½ years and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to explore the sight-seeing spots.  Lavasa was an abrupt decision, yet a trip which will be remembered for its picturesque surrounding.




Lavasa is hardly an hours drive from Pune, making it all the more go-to destination without fretting over on the long distance travelling chaos.

A Google search on the nearby destinations to visit and our closest neighbours advise at the 12th hour of finalising, made us travel to Lavasa-India’s first Planned hill station.

Perched at an elevation of around 2000 ft, Lavasa is best visited during the monsoons. Regardless, the scenic spot draws visitors throughout the year and that too in large numbers.

The breathtaking views on the way to Lavasa, compels you to leave everything around and just get absorbed at the moment.

The alluring landscapes casts, magical spell on you, drawing in more and more into its charm and magnitude.


The poised and tranquil aura was our host for the day on our visit to the place. The place is less crowded and thus cleaner. A perfect blend of beauty and infrastructure was our perfect recipe for soul-soothing rejuvenation.

It has many options of hotels to choose from if you wish to stay over.


The city of Lavasa is like none other. Dasve, the village has been replaced by Lavasa and therefore it is termed as Dasve Boulevard.

Technically inspired from a town in Italy named Portofino, the colourful hill town is such a delight to be around.

Lavasa has a street next to a beautiful lake and the vibrant tall buildings add to the charm of the place. It’s a small planned town, so there is not much to roam about in the city barring a few points.

There are close to no public transport for travelling to and fro Lavasa and therefore, own vehicle is a must carry.


Post the sight seeing’s, we headed to Ekaant Resort. The parking lot of Ekaant is itself one sightseeing spot and finally, we found the resort for family dining. There are many other cafes and eateries located near the lake. On the pedestrian built near the lake, there are an amazing collection of cycles to try your hands on. We booked the cycle,150 bucks for 20 min. One of the best ways to view the town.

Things to do in Lavasa

  • Water sports activities-Activities like Pontoon, Pedal Boats, Jet Skiing, bumper boats, water volleyball gives one an opportunity to indulge in a host of activities.
  • Thrilling activities like rock climbing, camping, trekking, paintball, rappelling brings out the best of your adventurous side.
  • With a wide range of eatery options to choose from, Lavasa offers a varied range of cuisines and dining facilities to satiate for the likes of every visitor.
  • The Dasvino Town and country club has tons of pf leisure opportunities, to keep one engaged in the most relaxing way. It includes World Class Spa, Restaurants, Pub, Gymnasium.
  • Be it a child or an old person, Lavasa serves all. Indoor Golf recreational and Learning Centre, is one of a kind unique entertainment option which will take you to a tour of an amazing world of Golf (Indoor Pitch and Putt Golf Course).




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