Light Up Your Home In Style

Home is, where your heart is!

We spent a significant amount of time at home. The interiors, lighting, color patterns and the choice of home decor has the power to create a deep impact on our mood.

The choice of interiors majorly depends on an individual’s personal liking. And lighting is one important factor, which enhances and sets the mood of its inhabitants. As a homeowner, it is vital to keep in mind the lighting types, while planning the interiors.

Lighting should be chosen to make the environment calm and serene. The moment one steps inside the home, the decor and brightness of our home should create a perfect ambiance for pleasant moments.

Here’s a quick guide on how to choose lightings, to enhance the beauty of the home.

Four common types of lighting that can be used to brighten up the atmosphere with a zing.

Ambient Lighting

When it comes to the selection of artificial lighting, each room and space will demand a different pattern for itself. Different light creates a different aura, depending upon what our expectations are.

The living room is a place where we welcome our guests. To create warmth and vibrant energy, the lighting needs to be bright and at the same time relaxing too.

Dining space is a bonding time for the family members over food. In addition to the spotlight, relaxing light is what one should aim, to maintain the relaxing atmosphere essential for family bonding type.

A bedroom is a place one is in a mood to calm oneself after a much tiring day. The choice of lights does the magic in infusing the right spirit, which one longs for.

With the right selection of lighting, one can create the right ambiance for each room.

General Lighting

General Lighting

During the daytime, the rooms should be filled with optimum natural light without switching on the artificial ones. But it can’t be avoided during the evenings.

There should be good general artificial lighting for every room. It should be placed in such a way to maintain uniformity all over the place. No area should be left, without lights. These lightings are done to make a style statement, in the interiors of a home.

Spot Lighting

Spot Lighting

Spotlights are usually meant for study table, reading chairs, dining room, etc. Apart from the space fixed in light, the rest of the space is in shadow. These are supplementary lighting, meant to highlight a specific space or to keep the focus on the desired object. It is installed to make a stylish statement in the interiors of the home.

Decorative Lights

Decorative Lighting

The best part of these kinds of lights is to make the place shine. As the name suggests, decorative lightings are basically used to decorate the space with its presence, than to illuminate. The beauty of the light is to imbibe the charm and magical essence to the room. It can be used to create patterns on walls through it.

Indirect Lighting

Direct and Indirect Lighting

Direct Lighting– The whole room is directly illuminated with light focussing downwards.

Indirect Lighting– Spreading on walls to illuminate the space, indirect lighting is pointed downwards or upwards for the shadow effect. Depending on your choice luminous flux is directed downwards or upwards at your desired angle.

How to choose the right lamp to suit your home?

It is vital to keep in mind the important characteristics while buying the lamps for home. For the proper illumination of the interior of a home, choosing the right lamp is of prime importance.

Energy efficiency and energy consumption.

Economical in installing.

Desired lighting effects.

Chromatic- The color of light.

Easy maintenance of the lighting equipment to be used.

Its impact on installation.

Space it will be illuminating.

The kind of impact it will create when installed.

Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting

Do not forget to make way for natural lighting in the home. Natural sunshine has many health benefits alongside illuminating the room with greater shine and warmth. Embrace it with open arms and utilize it to your full benefit as natural lighting is harder to find in today’s high rise and compact structured apartments. Natural light infuses the soul with enthusiasm and vitality, making the living space more of a lively place. It’s an aesthetic way of bringing natural light to the home.

A home is an extension of one’s own self. It is our home where we make memories for a lifetime and cherish with all our heart. Read it Why A House is a Proud Idea of Home.

Are you ready to lighten up your home?

Do share your ideas and thoughts in comments.

Happy Brightening!!!

You can these DIY home decor ideas and make your home look beautified.

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