The ultimate revelation of the trip to Mahabaleshwar

The first thing which comes to my mind, whenever I am reminded of Mahabaleshwar are the luscious Strawberry Farms spread across, giving you every reason to visit the place again and again.If you are a Strawberry lover like me, then you can fathom the sheer love and excitement of heading to the place, to witness them right in-front of your eyes and if lucky enough,you can get a chance to pluck them too.


Mahabaleshwar stands among  the top weekend getaway destination from Pune and Mumbai. Although it is referred to be situated on hills, it is on a plateau. The place is sure to bowl you over with it’s ever enchanting green valleys and hills.

Road is the only way to reach the place. Pune Airport being the nearest one and Satara, being the nearest railway station, and from there, local tourist bus or vehicle are the available option.


The place is thronged by tourists throughout the year. Every season has its own charm at Mahabaleshwar, which will never fail to amuse you, with its great combination of nature + adventure + heritage +great climate and things to do. So if you are planning to stay over, plan ahead in advance as the majority of hotels remain booked throughout the year. There are chances you may miss out on your favorite ones.


Mahabaleshwar is known to be visited mostly during monsoons to get the look of picturesque greens and spectacular waterfalls. We too decided to explore and be amazed by the beauty of the place. It took us 2.5 hrs from Pune to reach Mahabaleshwar. The duration might extend, depending on the number of stops you halt at.


Mahabaleshwar has served as the summer capital of Bombay Province during the British Raj. Considering a significant amount of time spent by the British officials here, various vantage points have been named after them. Out of various activities which can be planned while visiting the place, one of the key things to explore is it’s vantage points.

  • Wilson Point-Named after the British Governor of Bombay-Sir Wilson, this is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar at 1439mt where you can get a 360-degree view of the place. Both sunrise and sunset can be seen from this point.
  • Arthur’s Seat-A great trekking place which gives you the uninterrupted view of two distinct valleys of Deccan and Konkan. It is named after Sir Arthur Malet who was the first man to build a house at this point. It is considered to be the Queen of all points.
  • Lodwick Point-Originally known as Sydney Point, this point was rechristened in the honor of General Lodwick, who was the first British Officer to climb the hill. A memorial pole was erected by his son, to honor his father’s achievement. Situated about 5km west of Mahabaleshwar bus stand, the vantage point offers an unmatched view of Pratapgarh Fort and Elphinstone Point. A huge statue of Lord Lodwick attracts visitors in great numbers.

The place has plenty of other scenic points that one can add to their list. Babinton Point, Helen’s point, Rosamund Rock,3 monkeys point, Elephant’s head point, Kate’s point.


Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar

One of the major scenic spot in Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful lake, which attracts tons of visitors. The lake was constructed by Shri Appasaheb Maharaj, who was Raja of Satara in the year 1842. Horse ride next to the lake and boat ride over the lake can be done here. Well, we were the ones who were admiring the serene beauty, munching over the sweetest corn, the place offered. There are many kiosks that sell local delicacies Strawberries, Mulberries, and knick-knacks. Engulfed by the aura and charm of the place, it was relaxing to the soul. It’s beauty made up for the tiring sight seeing’s.


Mapro Garden

Your visit to Mahabaleshwar would be unaccomplished, without visiting the Mapro Gardens. Go strawberry picking in the land of Strawberries, a highly recommended activity, when in Mahabaleshwar. Treat yourself to the fresh, juicy handpicked strawberries from the farms. The Britishers bought Strawberry plants from Australia and planted in Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar and today these strawberries are exported to various countries. The region has the highest production of strawberries in India. The visit to the strawberry farms remains the highlight of the Mahabaleshwar trip.

Mahabaleshwar,Mapro Garden

Mapro Garden hosts its annual Strawberry festival, during the Easter Weekends, which gives the visitors an opportunity to taste freshly grown Strawberries for free, bought by local farmers. With range of delectable served in the Garden ranging from Strawberry Sandwiches, Strawberry Pizzas, or Strawberry Bhel, all your senses will be in for a treat. This place is a heaven for foodie lovers.

Mahabaleshwar Mapro Garden


With greenery all around, Mapro Garden has a Chocolate factory, a Restaurant, a small nursery, a Children’s play area, and a retail outlet selling Mapro products. An auditorium here showcases the journey of Mapro products. From a range of real fruity freshness, Jams, Crushes, Candies, Bar Syrup, Mazaana, Sharbat, Topping, Lounge, you are sure to bonkers, choosing for you. Fruit Crush is the most preferred product in the Mapro Product range. You can pick your favorites by tasting them at the store. It can also be purchased online.


Mostly vacationers visit the place for a stayover. It has a complete range of Hotels to choose from, for every budget. For a laid back weekend, you need to plan your itinerary to cover major tourist spots like Pratapgarh Fort, Temples in Mahabaleshwar and various fun activities like paragliding, sports activities and much more to choose from.

Ours was a day trip, done perfectly.

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