Mother’s User Manual in the Voyage of Parenting

Mother, as casual and fun it might sound, the journey of Parenting is much more than raising a Child. A New Mother, A Mum to be, Mother who has been midway or :

A Mother Who are through with most of the responsibilities, whose child is ready to fly the nest, each of us experience different kinds of responsibilities and struggles in the respective phases.

Journey Of Parenting

As a Parent, we all are striving to make our mark in this journey of Parenting and give our child the best of everything at our disposal.

Time being the most Precious Gift, A Child can ask for, which is limited for everyone.

However, it was and always will remain the best Investment for a Parent, towards his/her child in making their lives an emotionally fulfilling, enriching in all aspects and finally giving them a sense of belonging.

We are all learners in this Roller Coaster Journey, picking up all the “Gyan and implementing it in our lives.

Some works, few don’t. And in the process of learning and unlearning, we create memories….a long-lasting one.

As Cliché it might sound, it’s our commitment and our devotion which plays a crucial role in forming an everlasting bond with our children.

Every other element involved is secondary;

The various physical and psychological changes which a child undergoes from birth through adolescence often gives parents a run;

on how to tackle their child and engage them in a most fruitful manner possible.

I am no expert in the journey called Parenting,  I too have failed several times. And learning every single day.

A few days back, I stumbled upon a post which has provided me with a road map to take my voyage forward.

The valuable facts shared in the post has given me the push, to head in the right direction.

Here’s, the user manual, phase by phase which would require investment towards our children, which finally takes you to bear sweet fruits later.


First Seven Years

Within the first year of the birth of a child, the visible signs of progress can be seen on various fronts.

This is the foundation, as well as the base from which our relationship with them grows.

In the first seven years of life;
our goal should be to build a strong connection with our child. If this is rock solid, then the remaining years will be much easier.
We should strive best to create good memories with them, which will be entrenched in their innocent minds.

If this is rock solid, the remaining years will be much easier.

If this foundation forms poorly, the next years will be more challenging.

This is the time to roll up our sleeves and invest heavily in our and their future.

Next Seven Years

This is the time to teach them about the family culture, traditions, norms and all the things to survive throughout their lives.
This is the time when they are sponges and hence, ready to soak up everything we tell them, teach them, show them and do in front of them.
Furthermore, If we built that solid foundation in their foundation years, now they will be more than willing to learn from us.
Teaching them sports will introduce them to learning sportsmanship, as well as teamwork.
They gain many benefits of physical fitness as well as, exposure in various sphere of life.

The Final Seven Years With Us

Once children hit 14, they are probably already full adults and accountable for their actions. This happens at puberty or at age 15 at the latest.

At this age, they are mostly out of the picture.

Children achieve independence as well as their personalities manifest, they look more to their peers than parents and families.

During these critical years;

Most importantly, we need to befriend them, and advise them and do what we can understand that they are now full adults and the choices are theirs to make, right or wrong.

If we had worked hard during the last two periods of seven years, then we will be already that trusted confidant, that adviser, that go-to person when they need help or advice.

Hence, be part of their lives and advise them as best we can.



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