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Period Of Change Has Begun-The Fight is On

Menstruation Hygiene Management{MGM}is included in the Swatch Bharat Mission Guidelines of the Government of India along with targeting open defecation-free India.

Government Efforts

The number of ministries such as the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Human Resources Development and other intends to provide menstrual hygiene facilities like Napkin Vending Machine in co-education high schools and higher secondary schools. Under the Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram, medical teams are visiting schools to hold menstrual educational sessions for both girls and boys. Various other awareness programs are also underway.

It is not Enough

Government, NGOs’s and even a few celebrities have been accelerating efforts towards menstrual hygiene and sanitation but despite those efforts, not even fifty percent of girls in the country have access to sanitary napkins. The visible change in statistics is a far dream because of the very distant finish line. Large scale movement with simultaneous efforts in multiple directions is needed.

How Can Someone  Help

Donate Pads

This can be done in multiple ways. You can donate Sanitary Pads at the nearest Padbank Branch or you can call up at our Central Number to request for the doorstep collection. You can also place an online order and get them shipped to any of our branches.

Donate Money

Donations in the monetary form are also Welcome. Cash donations can be directly made at the nearest Padbank branch against the proper receipt. Other payment options such as NEFT, RTGS, and cheque payment are also available. Out of the total funds received, half of the proceeds will be used for buying pads for the needy females and the rest will be used for funding the infrastructure requirements of our pad manufacturing unit.

Become a member or Volunteer

Create Awareness

You can register yourself as a Volunteer with the Pinkishe foundation. Our trainers will train you and post that you can conduct awareness sessions for both donors as well as for girls and women who need education in menstrual hygiene.

Become a Collection Agent

You can run campaigns, organize collection camps, participate in our camps, speak to event organizers in your locality organize stalls and collect pads from donors who want a doorstep pickup.

Open a Branch/SubBranch

You can become a registered member of the Pinkishe foundation and start a branch in your city. You may open a sub-branch from your home and operate with the support of the main branch.

Participate in Distribution Drive

You can identify groups of needy girls and women in your locality that will benefit from our distribution drives. You can collect pads from us and distribute them. Or you can participate and support in distribution drives conducted by our local branches.


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