PadBank-Account of a Women’s Health and Dignity

Menstruation-The The topic will no longer be about shame. It will become “ Period of Change”.

Out of various programmes conducted by Pinkishe, Padbank is very unusual and one of a kind. Under this program, members of Pinkishe, run Padbank branches across the nation from their homes and other places and the volunteers manufacture and distribute Sanitary pads for free, to the needy girls, while enhancing their awareness levels on the subject of Menstrual hygiene. The pads that are being manufactured by  Pinkishe, are environment-friendly, bio-degradable, re-usable cloth sanitary pads. In the process of manufacturing these pads, the women associated with it attain economic independence. It is a wonderful and totally unique initiative, hoping to create a maximum positive impact on society.

This activity has been started by Pinkishe around the starting of the year 2018. The Volunteers across 50 branches across India ran awareness campaigns and started collecting disposable Sanitary Pads from donors. The collected pads are then distributed to the needy girls in rural areas and slums. Young girls and women from lower income strata are devoid of knowledge about menstrual hygiene and the effect on health. Pinkishe also conducts awareness sessions by qualified Doctors and Volunteers to upgrade their knowledge about the usage of Sanitary absorbents, the correct method of usage, the importance of Menstrual Hygiene and so on.

A concept so distinctive promotes an eco-friendly method of manufacturing Sanitary Pads, which certainly creates a Self Brand for itself. A lot of Research has been put in it, and in due course of time, the manufacturing of reusable Cloth Pads has begun by Pinkishe on their own. These are high-quality pads at par with others globally available. These pads use a special fabric that lets air flow through it, but stops liquid, making them leakproof yet comfortable while use. The pads have been designed in special shape and size, in a way that when unfolded, they look like a regular cloth, so that girls don’t feel shy in drying them in open.

PadBank Program Objectives

  • Raise awareness level to stop treating menstruation as a subject, that can’t be discussed.
  • Fight against the treatment of the subject as a taboo and various ill practices attached to it.
  • To raise sanitary hygiene awareness levels in the country.
  • To upgrade accessibility and acceptance of hygienic sanitary absorbent products in the country, especially in the rural belt.
  • To increase the production volume of sanitary pads, to cover a larger population.
  • To impart skill and self-employment to the women, to help them become self-standing economically.
  • To promote the usage of bio-degradable and reusable sanitary pads to help environmental friendly practices.




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