Rains And Manes

Are you also super worried about your hair-fall during monsoon??

I get extra cautious about my locks during this high on humidity weather which is the main reason behind hair-fall.

The dry, damaged, and brittle condition of hair calls for extra nourishment and care which if unattended turns out to be frizzy resulting in increased breakage.


Worry no more now. With these easy tips, make hair fall a thing of the past. Do it the Right Way.

Rains during Monsoons

Keeps the locks dry

It is totally unavoidable to keep your locks from getting wet due to rains. Even the best of precautions sometimes fails. Well, the solution lies in washing off the rainwater, which is loaded with pollutants. Wipe the excessive moisture from hairs using a microfiber towel which absorbs the water very quickly and causes minimum friction between your hair and towel. Microbes are always present on the scalp and they thrive best in wet conditions. Keep the hair dry.

Monsoon Care for Hair

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Shampoo it Thrice a Week

The scalp of the hair gets flaky and itchy due to the damp atmosphere. It is necessary to keep it clean, which prevents any bacterial and fungal infections to flourish. Use good nourishing herbal shampoo instead of the chemical loaded ones.

Hair Care Regimen During Monsoon

Oiling is Must

Give your busy schedule a break for Oil Massage. Oiling gives the required nourishment to the hair and improves blood circulation. Oiling helps make the root of the hair strong. Massaging your hair regularly prevents breakage, premature greying, and split ends and also all kinds of fungal infections. A warm coconut oil massage with curry leaves in it, will boost hair growth and stop falling of hair.

Rain hair care during monsoons




Get High on Nutrients

Just as our body our hair also requires necessary nutrients to stay healthy. Diet rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, and other essential nutrients will provide nourishment to the body and also to the hair. Keep yourself hydrated. Swap the junk food with raw salads, fruits, juices, roasted nuts. It does wonders for your hair.

You can keep cold and cough at bay during monsoons with simple kitchen ingredients. Staying healthy is important which helps our immune system strong.

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Avoid Styling Products during monsoons

Get Easy on Styling Products

Always try to keep the hair naturally dry and glossy. Switch to herbal care and natural remedies. Too much chemical treatments and styling products damage the hair to a great extent. Avoid using hairdryers(as much as you can). The heat of the hairdryers causes it to weaken and thus hair falls either due to breakage or from roots.

Try home-made natural hair packs suited for your hair type to nourish and condition it. It won’t harm your hair.

If you are looking for chemical-free products to get back the moisture and glossy texture of hair, you can go for Arata Zero Chemical Product.     

Let the melody of monsoon play on your head, not it’s a menace on your hair……

Keep Shining Bright

If you have any more tips and tricks to fight damaging hair that has worked for you, do let us know in comments.

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