All you need to know about,how to deal with heat during Ramdaan

What it’s like to go without food and water for long 14-15 hours on a hot summer day. For the fact there are millions out there who look forward for this holy and blessed month i.e Ramdaan and relish fasting 22hrs(summers in Iceland and Greenland).Honestly the whole Muslim community, myself included has the increased vigour for fasting during Ramadan

If done in the right way, it hardly matters to the believers. It’s for Allah. We find a greater sense of determination to stick to our traditions, in this holy month.


Ask for Allah’s perseverance.

Pray to Allah for the fortitude to starve our stomachs, but feed our souls; forbearance to forgive the ones who’ve hurt us, the humility to seek forgiveness from those who have hurt.

Devote yourself to Allah for the resilience to rise above our pain and keep going in life, despite all the obstacles and to never ever give up.

Divert your focus from the heat and fatigue. The month of Ramadan envelops us in its serene silence to meditate, reflect and pray. It’s about strength, stamina, submission, and faith.

Our mind has the capability to ignore feelings, so divert your focus on tasks.


Drink plenty of water from the time of Iftaar till Suhoor.

Consume plenty of high water content fruits and foods.

Eat a well-balanced meal with complex carbohydrates and proteins for slow release energy.

Avoid overeating -it will only make you more tired.

Work at a slower pace to acclimatize. If you want your time off someday, then go for it.


The real objective of fasting in the holy month of Ramdaan is to inculcate in humans the spirit of abstinence from sins and the cultivation of virtue.

The Holy Quran declares that fasts have been made mandatory for all Muslims and is among the five pillars of Islam, with a view to developing piety in human beings. It is for physical as well as mental cleansing.

The most important consideration in undertaking a fast, as in an act of devotion, is to seek nearness to Allah and seek his pleasure and forgiveness.

Fasting in itself is a bounty. Nothing can be more soul fulfilling. Rest everything can be taken cared of.


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