Sharing is caring-Let’s Share And Celebrate

This article of mine was first published on Parentune{2015} and then on Momspresso{2018}. Reposting this on the eve of Christmas.

Remember that Old Adage-“Sharing is Caring”.

The video shared below features 2 daughters of one of my close friend along with other children and is Directed by Mr.Sameer Khanna. It is a Share and Care Campaign by Epic Studios.

A celebration is all about joy and merriment. And true merriment lies in sharing and bringing happiness in other’s lives too.

One of the most vital ethics, adhering to which we all have grown up. It is crucial to encourage and cultivate sharing habits in children in their early years. Assimilating good habits in this phase will last for a lifetime. To make children learn something, parents need to practice first what they are preaching. These pocket-sized miniatures emulate their parents and elders in the family. That being the case, parents need to turn into role models themselves and lead them by example.

The tiny-tots may not be comfortable sharing their personal stuff at first. But once they get the hang of the essence, it will surely taper their stress. It’s tough, as with so many facets of parenthood, but we need to instill this crucial moral from a very early age. Although it won’t happen tout de suite, practice will eventually develop compassion and generosity. The wonderful creation of God called the Universe, where we reside is also shared by animals and birds along with human beings and we peacefully co-exist. This can reasonably be backed by the famous quote of Leonard Nimoy-“The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have”.

Use these inklings to your advantage when it comes to inculcating sharing habits amongst kids.

  • As goes the saying “Monkey see, Monkey do”. Parents share their pieces of stuff with others and so does the little one. Creating opportunities and setting examples before children will help them become proficient.
  • Joseph, Harry, and their group mates are having trouble sharing their toys. Introducing Timer can resolve the issue. Set the timer to say for 1-2min.Ask the older ones to wait for long. Every child will revel in for the equal amount of time being granted to them and it will encourage fair play as well.
  • On a heightened table place some candles(to avoid the risk of burning). Light one of them and with the help of that candle try to light as many of them. Observe how the light of the first candle does not reduce when shared. Au contraire it lightened the entire room.
  • Applaud the infant when they act in accordance with your expectations. Without a miss, throw in lots of accolades and attention.
  • Children who had received an immense attachment from parents during the early years will turn out to be generous in the years to come. Young ones will shell out as they have been bestowed with.
  • In the mixing plate of watercolors, try combining two basic primary colors. Watch how altogether a totally new color has been obtained.
  • Respect the child’s attachment for certain prized belongings of theirs. It is totally normal for kids to be stingy towards some toys while they are liberal about others. Forcing them to lend out their precious possessions will unquestionably foster resentment, not generosity.
  • In some instances amidst the brawls amongst the kids, it is better not to meddle. Let them come to an argument by giving them time and space. Stay a bystander lest the situation is deteriorating.


Hope these tips will be useful in imparting the life lesson. After all the quote by Mother Teresa precisely educates-“God gives us things to share, God doesn’t give us things to hold”.

Happy Sharing!!!

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