Sharjah, our final destination to explore the next Emirate on our UAE visit.

The getaway to the Emirate, was full of scenic views, engulfing us in the charm and bewitching escapades. Sharjah is home to the best museum and art galleries, hence Tourism in Sharjah is family oriented

It explains why UNESCO has declared  Sharjah, as the Cultural Capital of the Arab World in 1998, reaffirming in the year 2014, finally, it became Capital of Islamic Culture.

The Emirate of Sharjah concentrates on conserving culture and history, It’s the only emirate that shares its borders with all six Emirates.

The city promises an exciting holiday experience with an interesting melange of sights and activities.

Sharjah has forged ahead as an attractive and relatively inexpensive destination for the entire family.




Our voyage of exploring the city commenced with The Blue Souk which is an iconic landmark of Sharjah City, built in Arabic style architecture, it has interconnected wings consisting of 6 shops.

Ground floors sell contemporary gold jewelry, watches, and clothes; while the upper floor deals in traditional and exotic items like carpets, pashmina, rugs, traditional gold, and silver ornaments.

There is no way you cannot feel tempted to get your hands on some of the finest artwork of Gold, and other metals. The prices here in Sharjah are comparatively less compared to Dubai.

Coming to the UAE and leaving without a few of your favorite picks of jewelry… not a good choice.

The designs will leave you, go bonkers. A mix of traditional and contemporary, catching your eyeballs with each piece.

Exploring the city continued with visiting Al Noor Mosque.

Onlooking Khalid lagoon at the Buhairah Corniche, the mosque is constructed in Turkish Ottoman style, which gives one a  déjà vu of the Blue Mosque in Turkey.
The 34 elegant domes of the mosque, which is in the perfect symmetry of its structure make for a pleasing visual appearance.
 Splendidly done interiors of the mosque will mesmerize you.
Visiting Al Noor Mosque is one of the top things to do when in Sharjah. Artistic architecture is so mesmerizing that there is hardly any chance that you will not get swayed by it



A long walk on a wide and neat pedestrian, built across the Khalid Lagoon, certainly offers some picturesque views of the Sharjah City Skyline.

A serene place and ideal for calm and stress-free moments rejuvenate you like none other.
Hosts of Sea-Gulls and Flamingos made their way in the spring season finally offering visitors the time of life.

The aura was non-challant.

The freshness in the air, with the cool breeze ruffling along, certainly leaves you to absorb at the moment.



We had the good fortune to attend the Annual Sharjah Light Festival.

The mosque and other structures were lit when the sun was past the skyline;

with artistically spectacular colors, perfectly engineered to infuse magic in the surrounding.

Technology combined with artistic creativity transforms it to make a grand spectacle.

This is the biggest highlight of the festival which draws visitors in mammoth numbers.

We had time constraint, but there are tons of places you can fit into your to-do list.

The city offers many cultural heritage sites; history and flora and fauna of the Arab world can be explored at length, besides engaging in endless options of attractions with family.
It includes; Al Noor Island, Al Mazaz Waterfront, Sharjah Aquarium, Desert Safari, host of water sport activities in the Beaches of Al Khan Beach to add to.

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