Tips to buy an air conditioner


Hot Summers are part of Indian weather and how it stays for a prolonged period. And with this sweltering heat, fans and room coolers become ineffective. Air- conditioner seems to be the only option that can give some relief. Doesn’t matter if it is a workplace or your home, fixing an air- conditioner is as easy as anything else and why you don’t need to tell the facts about relief! Coming to technology, there are multiple types of AC available in the market but not every AC can work in all kinds of environments. You need to be specific about your requirement. It depends on the area, room, and usage. Since fixing an AC needs a permanent space that can’t be moved; its imperative to check some points before we finalize one. Not to forget, air conditioner cleaning is to be done annually to make it more sustainable in the long run.


Window AC or split AC:

Windows AC is easier to install, and you don’t need to drill walls to conceal air tubes which is a basic requirement in split AC. Window AC is an ideal choice of smaller rooms with a window. While Spilt AC cools down faster because of wide blowers and makes less noise. Also, it can be fit into any wall, does not need a window. Before buying one needs to weigh out all the parameters one is looking for to get the best product. Also one can check out the general tips and other features which is deemed fit.


Tips to but air conditioner

Capacity and Power consumption:


Smaller AC might need to work hard to cool down the room if it’s not as per the requirement. Higher electricity consumption is quite expected. Air conditioner requirements are based on a room per square foot area and this is how the AC in India is rated as per tonnes. So, check your room size and decide accordingly!


Most of the electricals come with power ratings between 1star- 5star. Any product which has a higher rating, lower is power consumption. So, please do check the star rating to save your electricity bill.

Tips to buy air conditioner

Other features which can be considered optional:


Anti-bacterial filters to auto clean is an added advantage.


AC with a heating feature can make you warm during winters.


A dehumidifier can get rid of excess moisture.


Auto-clean system to keep away harmful bacteria.


Copper coils for easy maintenance and longer lifespan.


Other than these tips, once you buy an AC and get it fixed please don’t forget to get it serviced at least once in a year. You can surely get some general tips on the instruction manual.


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