To Live In The Moment-The learning I obtained from my daughter

“It’s already 7 am and first of all, you haven’t brushed your teeth yet, Soha…..Hurry up!!!! Turn towards the wash area, to freshen up and proceed to have breakfast.”

This is the everyday scenario.

Hence, our weekday mornings are no less than a battleground. For me!!! Not for my daughter.

Lazying around, without any qualms of missing the school bus,in-spite of reminding her every few minutes, at times she makes me speak in a high pitched voice. But this too doesn’t do the trick.

School Bus

A week back or so, when I was instructing her to hand over the notebook to the class teacher while putting it in the school bag, n number of times, while leaving for the bus stop Soha interrupted…

“Mama it’s just a notebook”…!!!

It doesn’t matter, even if I forget it to hand over to my teacher. I can do that the next day.”

After boarding her to the school bus, the response uttered by my daughter kept echoing.

We refined individuals who strive hard to teach children, the ways of life, sometimes fail to understand the nitty-gritty of life themselves.

One fails to see that adults also have many invaluable lessons to learn from children.

Children see life from a different perspective. So what, if things don’t go as planned.

Similarly, in the humdrum of daily chores and worry about the future, we tend to forget to live the simple joys of life.

Live in the moment

I have learned from my child, it is so important to truly feel the joys of the moment, soak up in it and admire the beauty around you and live in the moment as much as possible.

Sometimes, it is okay to forget certain tasks, not necessary to be perfect. It’s absolutely okay to stop worrying about the future. Like literally. To stop and smell the roses.

It’s blissful to watch children being playful, which is the very salt of life.  Without which it would become, a burden, slow torture, for them.

Children admire the world and find joys just by experiencing what’s around them. We mature individuals tend to forget that tomorrow is not guaranteed, then why fret over it.

In a child’s mind, there is no reason to ponder over yesterday’s mistakes or get tensed about tomorrow’s unforeseen events.

Live in the moment

The child sometimes teaches us how to stay away from unseen distractions and live in the moment only.

Life is meant to enjoy, we should not forget that.

So, we are the one who is responsible for our happiness. My daughter has taught me to live in the moment and get the rules as well as the regulations out of life in some instances.

Children are wise beyond their years. As we move ahead in life, likewise, my perspective to comprehend things have changed, for good reasons.

Live in the moment

Above all, my daughter reminds me that we are offered with life which is an amazing gift.

Therefore we should be grateful for it and live in the moment and make the most of it.





  1. Agree with you Nousheen. I like to play, craft and paint with my kids. Sometimes talking with my toddler itself is relaxing, it’s interesting to know their perspective of life.

  2. True lessons! We as adults are forever rushing in order to get things done. Where is the time to take a pause and shift our angle for looking at things and events? Therefore, children play that role of giving us the wisdom of slowing down and living in the moment.

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