Why Digital Marketing Is The Next Big Thing In Future

 “If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business-Bill Gates”

With the boom of E-Commerce Portals in the past few years, Online marketing has gained immense importance. Although traditional marketing tools are still very much in practice, online advertisements are in trend and is going to rule the business domain in near future. It is an era where a larger percentage of people prefer online transactions. With internet present in every realm of life and the rapid increase of it’s usage everyday, Marketing too has found a platform to reach a wider customer base.

Today literally almost everyone is online. And Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, You-Tube, Twitter, Snapchat, Google Plus, Pinterest and there a tons of them, which allows to connect with your audience across the globe. It is now the most preferred channel for marketing.

The types of Marketing which the digital space allows are E-commerce,Mobile Optimization, Social Media, Email, Blogging, Content, Affiliate, which has clear winning benefits over our traditional marketing.

Here’s a look at the trends that are predicted to dominate in the foreseen future.

Social Media Marketing

The users of Social Media Platforms are on increase with each passing day. Every platforms has millions of active users across the globe. And these huge numbers are clear indicators that businesses  in need of expansion can reach their target audience through these platforms at a very minimal cost.

Let alone bigger players, even Small and Medium Sized businesses can get started with a minimal amount and speed up their growth.

Content Marketing

“Content is the King”. A good and engaging content grabs the attention of the readers instantly and forces one to take action. It is an ongoing process, which increases brand awareness and drives more online traffic. Through a quality post ,once the visitor lands on the site, they learn more about other products and services. Quality content include blog posts, in-depth tutorials, infographics and videos.

Explainer Videos

Explainer are a lot more engaging and conveys your message in a very interesting way.It is expected to boom in near future.It is worth the time and effort and drives effective sales.Incorporating Explainer videos on your website,explains your product specifically to customers.It not only increases Brand Awareness but also Sales.

Few of the guaranteed benefits over traditional marketing are listed below.

Cost Effective

Print,TV and other medium costs a bomb to the entrepreneurs and still shows limited results. While digital medium is way cheaper and benefits all sized industries. 

Brand Development

Instead of renting out a small column in the newspaper, digitally you can own an entire website and showcase your ads, promote your brand which helps to build your name in a comparatively very less time.

Greater Exposure

With the increase of internet users vastly over the years, it is available to everyone at a very lesser cost. Hence it is nowadays considered to be the best medium of advertising.

Real Time Result,Easy Analytics

Through Google Analytics, one can easily view the results like no. of visitors, conversion rate, bounce rate,busiest period of day, location of visitors and accordingly one can strategise to increase their visitors and generate lead.





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