Why Setting To-Do List Is Important In Achieving Goals?

On the road to achievement, goal setting is an undeniably important step. It serves four basic functions: laying out guidance and direction, facilitating planning, motivating and inspiring, and helping evaluate and control performance. With SMART Goals, you can be sure of setting an attainable and achievable benchmark both on personal and professional levels.

Remember to go easy on yourself.  List down your to-do tasks to macro and micro levels and tick mark one at a time. It will give you an instant boost and motivate you to pace up with the ones requiring attention.

So, here comes the role play similar to the Captain of the Ship.

The captain is responsible for steering the goals for daily commitments and long-term strategizing. So, you’re in charge of your life as the Captain. Look ahead with a telescope and understand what is in store for you ahead. What is it that you will have to plan for in the long-run as well as in the short run.

Listing Goals That Needs To Be Achieved

Knowing Your Objective

My day revolves around the to-do list. It helps me focus and keeps me in check and I live by it.

Focus one day at a time. It will set realistic goals to pursue making you feel like a champion. They have a very narrow focus and sets the tone for further goals in line.

Stay away from placing too many tasks at a time. It’s quite natural to get overloaded, which if not completed can lead to a feeling of guilt. The guilt feeling will work in reverse order, thereby demotivating you. Avoid doing this.

Instead, stay focus and ace on your tasks. Keep long term goals next in your assigned tasks.

It’s been nearly 50 days of lockdown where we are forced to stay indoors to contain the spread of COVID 19. Work-life and home schedules are never-ending and will be overwhelming if realistic goals are not set at the very beginning of the day. In this situation of lockdown when you are spinning multiple wheels, it can take a toll on your well-being.

You are a human being having limits to keep up to the expectations of everyone. Here are 10 Ways to Destress and Remain Sane in your regular life even when the lockdown is lifted.

Listing Down Tasks Makes It Easier To Achieve

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Coming to Macro and Micro To-Do list Here On

To put it in layman’s term—Macro means ‘large’ and micro means ‘small’.

Take a look back from your school years – Microeconomics deals with the economy as a whole, while microeconomy covers at individual and firm levels.

Acting as the Captain of the Ship now, you will have to focus on Long Term as well as Short Term Goals. Setting goals for both are important.

Macro To-Do Lists looks at the big picture.

Micro To-Do Lists looks at the day to day activities.

Both goals work hand in hand.


Listing Down Your Macro To Micro Time Frame

List down your responsibilities. Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly. It can be a mix of them, to begin with.

  1. Achievements to be planned for a year?
  2. Quarterly plans
  3. How it is affecting monthly output?

Asking queries to yourself and listing down the possibilities.

When this is in place, look for seasonal and even yearly to-do lists to plan for the long-term future.

Write a long to-do list on the weekend. Time Management is the most critical aspect which has the ability to achieve the desired outcome. More than setting goals, prioritizing tasks is vital.

It will help you increase productivity, and lessen feelings of overwhelm.

My whole week’s tasks are shaped up, keeping me sane and in the track. I break to-do list further into smaller ones and focus on achieving during that week.

Listing Down Tasks are Helpful

Think What You Want To Achieve For The Allotted Period Of Time

What are your goals?

Focus on them.

Break it down into smaller-micro goals that will become more achievable.

When you know your goals, it will help chase them and will be more achievable. It will help you stay focussed, thereby benefitting your work and life simultaneously.

It assists in eliminating unimportant tasks and lets you concentrate on those ones which are important. Take a call and prioritize your assigned tasks.

Recheck your List

Within a short time frame, trying to achieve everything can be frustrating.

Think once again and set realistic goals. Allocate assignments that are possible for you to manage in that time frame.

Look at the bigger picture and assess what is reasonable to attempt in a given time frame.

The list can be edited if it feels overloaded.

If tasks are important, you need to seek assistance and make that happen. Ask for feedback or assistance from your manager if things are working out properly or not.

Allow yourself the space to complete the task without losing your cool and compromising on your family time or health.

Self Discipline Is Important In Achieving Goals

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Instill Self-Discipline

You will be more efficient with your time when the tasks are written ahead.

You can frame and plan out tasks in batches.

Grouping or Batch processes include tasks that are similar in nature and can be executed all at once. It can effectively reduce tasks that can be done together and will help save time.

Create a mental flow chart to have an action plan or strategy to reach the goal. Consider all the challenges that you might possibly face within the time frame. It will help you chalk out tasks according to our available resources.

Stick to the strategy and give your 100 percent to fulfil these goals. Stay committed and constantly re-invent your action plan required to achieve them.

Believe that all your goals are very important to you, and you can achieve it with dedication.

Review your progress after setting the goal. It helps keep track of the goal accomplishments. Review the performance and make necessary amendments as and when required. You will have a clear picture of your past accomplishments.

As most of us are working from home due to the ongoing scenario, it can ve overwhelming to perform all the tasks. This is why prioritizing and goal setting is important.

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