“Your Turn Now” – A New Name For The Act Of Kindness

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, the name ‘Rushabh Turakhia’ flashed in the column of “People you may know”. Though the name seemed familiar, I was not acquainted with him, and usually, I connect online to people only after some conversation. However, as the touch screen phone would have it while scrolling up, my fingers touched the ‘Add friend’ button against his name accidentally (which I did not realize at that point). A few hours later, there arrived a message in the messenger app of my phone from the very same person!

“Do we know each other?” he asked.

“Sorry, I could not recollect. Where have we met?” he continued.

I struggled to recollect any instances of interacting with or meeting the person. Failing to reminisce anything about him, I chose not to respond to the message.

The very next day, (which was special as it was Father’s day) a dear friend’s WhatsApp message popped up. Anupama Dalmia, the renowned Blogger, and Influencer shared her article, published on Women’s Web about an inspiring Father-Son Duo and the movement (Your Turn Now) they are heading.

Your Turn Now

The article kept me glued till the end (it’s a known fact that all of Anupama’s articles are soul-touching), it clicked to me instantly that this was about the same person who had messaged me the previous day on Facebook Messenger. It was then I realized he is a very well known philanthropist. I instantly searched for the name ‘Rushabh Turakhia’ on Facebook and checked his profile.

I noticed that I had sent a friend request to him, unknowingly. I apprehended the reason behind his message. I googled for his name to mine further and unearthed several posts and articles about the man and is hugely inspirational “Your Turn Now” movement. I learned about how he had turned something simple and basic into a mass movement with sheer grit and determination.

Your Turn Now-

“A movement to remind us about how crucial it is to practice kindness in our daily lives” was set in motion by Rushabh Turakia, an MBA by qualification and a diamond merchant by profession. The concept of Your Turn Now took roots way back in 2000 because of the movie, “Pay It Forward” released in the year 2000, starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment which deeply impacted Rushabh. He took it upon himself to spread the message of kindness in the world and that is when YTN took shape in 2009.

YTN Card

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Rushabh’s motive of making a difference in the society got boosted when to his pleasant surprise  25k cards got distributed within a year. It has been ten years ever since and millions of YTN cards have been circulated on the planet in over 45 countries and 10 major International Languages, taking a life of its own, as proudly acknowledged by Rushabh himself.

Many people got themselves associated with Rushabh on this mission out of their belief in the mission. It’s touchy to know the person who designed the card and his website didn’t charge a single penny from Rushabh, further fuelling the desire to move ahead. It’s that simple, trust me. Rushabh wants us to spread his message by being kind to others, passing on the YTN cards further urging them to ripple it further in the societal canvas.

Your Turn Now

It’s interesting to know that Rushabh’s  14yr old son equally participates in his mission and he was the one to give the best opinion in shaping up the movement of “Your Turn Now”. Rushabh has authored two Your Turn Books till date and proudly mentions that his son Vivaan hosted the book launch of both the editions of books. Vivaan has been an integral part of Rushabh’s philanthropic work to make a difference to society.

We parents are entrusted with the key role of raising an empathetic and kind human being who will turn out to become a compassionate person later in life. Rushabh is a proud father and shares a great rapport with his son. In today’s world where generosity, selflessness are eroding, Rushabh is paving way for his son by practicing it himself, as children learn more by observing their parents.

What a better way than this to inculcate the basics right in the child! Rushabh strikes the right balance as a parent by sharing a close bond with his son yet giving him space as he would give to any individual.

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Your Turn Now

I now believe, at times mistake lands you to places or with people, you would love to associate with. I consider myself, fortunate to get in touch with the man himself, who is on a fabulous mission, keeping the belief intact amongst the crowd, in “Paying It Forward”. When enquired about his future prospects, Rushabh gladly stated: “he is working on creating inspiring short films and videos on kindness”. I can guarantee, this step is going to be beneficial in augmenting the movement.

We need more such folks coming to the forefront and taking matters in their hands on such levels. The world needs it. “Your Turn Now”, needs more hands. Let’s pledge to lend yours, and make the world a better place. I support the movement with all my heart and soul.

In this times of pandemic, it is our moral responsibility to stand up and offer the required help to the ones who are in need. As a single individual, it is not practical to do it everything by yourself, so joining hands with the “Your Turn Now” volunteers will pave the way towards looking after your fellow humans.

The current time of pandemic has made us all shut in our homes for unprecedented times. Let us make a pledge to ourselves to be there for our loved ones and also for those who we can lend our hands to.

To get your YTN Card for free and cheese up real stories of goodness, you can reach out at 9029602897 or visit www.yourturnnow.in

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  1. I am really intrigued by your post. Will check out the website to find out more. I really loved how Rushabh is involving his son in his philanthropic endeavor as well.

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